How to Make a Workplace Safe from Fires

By | September 7, 2019
Workplace Safe from Fires

Fires can break out at any place due to known or unknown reasons. Workplaces that are not well maintained are prone to fires and damage to business assets. Therefore, organizations need to take steps to make their workplaces safe from fires.

There are plenty of steps that organizations can take to prevent fires on workplaces. Not only the owners and managers, but all the employees need to make collective efforts to make their workplace safe from fires and other risks. So, let us know about some methods to make offices safe from potential risks of fires.

Create a fire safety team

Every organization, whether large or small, should create an in-house fire safety team which can take the initiative in case of a fire. The members of this team should be young people who can take quick action to save the business assets and lives of others. However, businesses need to offer proper fire safety training to the team to train them for the safety actions they need to take in case of a fire.

Fire safety training

It is essential for every organization to conduct fire safety training to train their employees. A professional fire trainer can educate the employees of a company about the preventive measures and actions to follow in case of a fire. Employees can also learn about the precautions that they must follow to prevent fires on workplaces. The fire training Sydney also help employees learn the use of fire safety equipment.

Install fire safety equipment

Most large organizations have fire safety equipment on their premises, but startups and small companies lack such equipment. Some organizations have nothing other than a fire extinguisher. However, every business should install tools like smoke alarms, water sprinklers, fire extinguishers, and water hoses.

In addition to installing the fire equipment, it is also essential to maintain them. Call a professional to check the equipment every three months, so that it works when you need them.

Fire drills

Fire drills are a part of fire training Sydney. However, some organizations conduct only the fire drills to train their employees for the use of fire safety equipment. Employees can learn the practical use of fire extinguishers, water hoses, and evacuation routes to prepare them for fire situations at workplaces.

Proper waste disposal

The waste and debris on a workplace are one of the primary reasons for fires. There is nothing that catches fire faster than waste paper in an office. It is essential to empty the bins in an office at least twice a day to maintain a clean and safe environment. Moreover, organizations should also waste other types of waste properly to prevent the occurrence of fires.

Electrical equipment

Short circuits are one of the most prominent causes of fires. Therefore, it is essential to maintain electrical wiring and equipment at workplaces. Organizations can conduct regular inspection of electrical wiring and machines like computers, fans, ACs, power backups, etc. Repair the equipment as soon as there is a fault to keep them in good condition and prevent electrical fires.

Storage of chemicals

Some organizations need to store flammable chemicals that catch fire within a fraction of seconds. Such businesses need to adequate precautions and follow the safety regulations while storing flammable chemicals. Proper storage of chemicals can reduce the risk of fires too much extent. Also, employees should have proper safety gear while handling harmful chemicals.

Smoking area

Every organization should have a proper smoking zone, and employees should not smoke in the working area. They should use only the smoking zone for the same and do not through cigarette stubs anywhere other than the bin in the smoking zone.

Maintain evacuation routes

Usually, the evacuation routes are not used, and people use lifts for the entering and exiting a building. The doors can get jammed due to less use and may not open in emergencies. Organizations should use the evacuation routes to enter and exit the building. Regular usage will keep them in working condition and available for evacuation in case of emergencies.

Call external safety

The first step that any person should take in case of a fire is to call external safety services. After calling them, the in-house fire safety team should grab the fire extinguishers to put off the fire. Also, they should help other employees to evacuate the building safely. Employees in most countries can call 911 for help. However, you can check the emergency helpline number in your country.

Final words

These are the tips to make a workplace safe from fires. Installing fire safety tools and conducting fire training can help detect and face fire situations. Maintaining electrical wiring, proper waste disposal, and safe storage of flammables can help prevent fires at workplaces. Considering the tips in this post can help organizations to create a fire-safe work environment for employees and visitors.