How To Improve Indoor Air-Quality During Summer

By | August 29, 2019

The biggest problem these days and a major cause of health problems is indoor air pollution. It is not just annoying but dangerous as well. Only a few people are aware of the fact that the indoor air quality of our house has a major impact on our health.

Various people consider investment on air-purifies and it significantly improves the surrounding air quality. Well, here in this article, I am going to discuss various other factors that can improve indoor air quality. Have an interesting look at the following points!

1. Dusting And Vacuuming

The best way to maintain good indoor atmosphere is to keep it clean. By maintaining cleanliness in your house, you can easily reduce household pollutants such as dust, dander, and mold. It will also help asthma patients or other allergic persons to breathe easily.

It is the cheapest and one of the simplest way to upgrade the air quality of your house. You should also invest in vacuum cleaners. This will help you to get rid of dust from rugs and heavy carpets. Use this once or twice a week.

Also, you should regularly clean those fabrics that can easily attract dust, pet dander or pollens such as bedding, curtains, and pillows. You should get rid of the clutter that acts as a magnet for dust. In case you have pets then you must do these actions more often.

2. Replace Filters After Regular Interval

If you have any air-conditioning system in your house then replace its filters after a regular interval. All latest technology AC system such as air conditioning Sydneyhave filters that help in reducing indoor pollutants by filtering out dust, dirt and other microbes.

This way air conditioners circulate good air inside your house. After some time these filters are clogged and they do not work as they intended to be. They stop working efficiently and rather then removing allergens they start polluting indoor air.

Therefore, it is recommended to replace the filter with the start of the summer season. Also, clean the entire air-conditioning system with the help of professionals.  AC filters should be swapped out twice in a year.

3. Clean Your Ducts

Usually, all homeowners forget cleaning air ducts. But, it is one of the major entry points for allergens and pollutants. You home ducts can easily accumulate dust, dirt, and mold if they are not cleaned properly. Therefore you should clean your ducts 4 to 5 times a year.

4. Bring Air Purifying plants

Most people think that plants act as a natural purifying system. But, the reality is different. Some plants shed allergens that can contribute to indoor air pollution. Thus, these plants rather than purifying the air, increase the pollutants inside your home. 

Therefore, it is recommended to do extensive research before planting any flower inside your house.

5. Maintain Good Ventilation System

There are enormous ways to upgrade indoor air quality and throw away pollutants. In morning and evening time, you should keep your door open and let the clean air enter inside your rooms.

This way increase the air circulation inside the living room, bathroom, kitchen and all other spaces inside your house. If you have not invested in air conditioning system yet then it is a perfect time to do that. Install good quality air conditioner such as ducted air conditioning Sydney and maintain purified air inside your house.

6.  Close Your Windows

When windows are closed then they act as barrier fro dust and pollen grains. Usually, the pollen count is at a peak of 10 am and 3 pm and also during windy air. Therefore, it is recommended to keep your window closed during this specified time.

7. Inspect for Mold

Molds breed in a warm and humid atmosphere and these can wreak havoc inside your house. You should inspect mold inside your house. Take a look near to the pipes, walls, and in dark spaces such as basement where the ventilation system is not appropriate.

If you find any then take warm water and remove it appropriately. You can also take the help of professionals to remove molds inside your house. For instance, if you find any mold inside the duct then only professional duct cleaning will help.

8. Maintain Good Humidity Level

According to research ideal humidity level for the house should be 30-50%. If it goes beyond the limit then it degrades the indoor air quality. It will make you feel that you are living in the swamp. It will provide a favorable atmosphere for the breeding of molds and mites that spread allergic substances in the air.

Therefore, you should maintain good humidity level inside your house by investing in dehumidifiers. Good indoor air quality improves our living style and lets us live without any health problems.