How to Find Antique Wardrobe Closets

Some families were lucky to have an old fashioned, antique wardrobe closet – also known as an armoire, from the French term meaning wooden cabinet, passed down to them in the family tree.

And then other folks just collect them. Somewhere in between are people who simply appreciate them and would like to own one, without any intention of being thought of as an antique collector. They are just someone with good taste, perhaps!

The good news is that while going out and finding an antique wardrobe closet isn’t as easy as going to Target or Home Depot, locating an armoire isn’t all that hard. It can be even a bit of a fun adventure!

What are the best places to check? I’d first recommend doing it the fashioned way. This means hitting up estate sales. These are coordinated sales events in which someone’s entire estate goes up for sale. The culture surrounding these estate sales increasing the chances of finding antique wardrobe closets. How so? Usually, the individual whose estate is up for sale was an elderly individual, meaning they might have antique furniture by virtue of simply owning something their entire life. Secondly, many estate sales cater to upper-class folks, best curtain rails for bay windows rod further upping our chances of finding valuable furniture and antiques. Estate sales are also an excellent way to locate a wardrobe closet, get a hands-on, close up look at it, and then place a private bid. This is certainly something you can’t do online!

After estates sales, I’d recommend looking in a close-by corner. I’m talking about your average yard, garage, and family sales. Since this could theoretically be a tedious process of visiting dozens of yard sales, here’s a tip to speed it up: look the garage sales up online. Then, do a search for wardrobe closets, antique wardrobe closets, armoires, armoires, and antiques. See what pops up with those search requests, as it goes through the items people casually list online in their yard sale post. Often, you will get many hits this way, and as such, can quickly narrow down which garage and yard sales you’ll actually want to attend. You might even find photos online and the price of said items.

Lastly, in the same vein as looking online at yard sales, the third and final method is to search your local Craigslist. Craigslist maintains pages for hundreds of cities, counties, and areas around the world. Even if you’ve never heard of it, most likely, you have a Craigslist page for your town. Here people sell thousands of items every day in free classified listings. Simply key in the same search terms we used in regards to yard sales (above) and see what you find. It’s also very easy to negotiate prices for items found on Craigslist, as most people aren’t so much trying to make a profit as they are simply getting rid of items.

Actually, there is one more method beyond the 3rd one above. You can always work with an antique dealer. If getting an antique wardrobe closet fast and quick is your concern, and the price isn’t so much of a problem, using a dealer is going to be a sure-fire way to find high-quality antique wardrobe closets. You won’t get a deal most likely, but you will probably get a quality piece of work, and come home in a single day with an attractive antique wardrobe closet!

Features and Benefits

A good wardrobe closet is a good investment for a home. They make a fantastic looking piece of furniture while providing additional space in which to securely store your wardrobe, often providing protection against dust, dirt, and allergens in the environment.

Let’s take a look at the different features and benefits offered in various wardrobe closet designs.

They give you ample space to store and organize your wardrobe. First and foremost, the biggest benefit of a wardrobe closet is its sole purpose; to provide you with additional space to correctly organize and access your wardrobe. They can be used to complement a room with an existing closet or used as a guest closet in a spare bedroom, in such a way that your guests need not bother any items that might already have found their way into the guest closet.

They’re designed as a solid piece of furniture. This is what sets wardrobe closets apart from other closet-type furniture, such as a stand-alone closet organizer or a portable closet. A good wardrobe closet is a solid piece of furniture, weighing 100 or more pounds, sometimes considerably more than this, on there own without any clothes or items inside. They are made of solid materials and are designed to look good. This is not something you’d sheepishly hide in your room. They’re an impressive sight for a means to store clothes and they will look great in any guest bedroom that is short on

They offer a degree of protection from allergens in the environment. While not making any claims as to medical advice, many wardrobe closets are designed to be breathable while at the same time offering protection for your wardrobe against dirt, grime, pet dander, and another allergen that are free-floating in the environment.

They can be expensive. A wardrobe closet is not a flimsy shelving unit or a simple closet organizer for hanging your clothes. Often designed for the long-term, with solid wood and lots of support for the hanging weight of your clothes, wardrobe closets often get into the many hundreds of dollars range. If this puts them out of your reach, there are alternatives that are less (often much less) expensive that also provide the same benefits, i.e. space for your closet items. See The Closet Organizers Guide for more information on re-doing an existing closet to make use of the space.