How to Entice Visitors to Stay on Your Website

By | November 24, 2020
Entice Visitors
Entice Visitors

Convincing potential buyers to open the link to your website is already a huge challenge. Asking them to stay and explore the site is even more difficult. It’s not enough that you optimize keywords to make these visitors come and see your page. When they click the link, you have to make them feel that it’s worth doing. These are some ways to make them stay on the site and explore. 

Offer fresh and quality content.

It helps if you have something new to offer. The articles published on the page should be informative and not available elsewhere. Apart from making people appreciate the content, Google will also reward the effort. Search engines prefer pages that have fresh and updated content, and it ranks higher when indexed. 

Use videos appropriately

While articles are useful, not everyone has time to browse the information written on the page. Videos are more relevant. They’re easy to understand and have more impact on the users. Explainer videos are useful since they provide details on how to use the products or avail of the services. They also explain the benefits of using the products. Testimonials are also useful. Potential buyers will see what others have to say. If these are positive, there’s a good chance they will decide to buy the products. 

Make it interactive 

There are many ways to create a more interactive page. Using chatbots is one of them. If there are questions about the products, they will receive an immediate answer. Sure, it’s not a human being offering a response, but it still establishes a connection. Another option is to create games and quizzes. We all have our inner child, and we enjoy these games. It makes us love the site even more. 

Make it easier to buy products. 

Ultimately, you want the visitors to buy what you offer. It increases your conversion rate. It also boosts your overall profit. Prevent potential confusion in buying the products. Let go of forms of several pages that users have to fill out before buying anything. Provide an option to save financial information, so there’s no need to type it again next time. Of course, the page’s security should be a priority since you’re asking people to give their financial details.

Check your website and find out if it enticed people to stay for more. If it has nothing exciting to offer, you should add something new. You may also work with Web Development Oxford to improve web design. If it’s easier to navigate the page and lots of stunning visuals, more people will decide to stay. If they don’t turn them into buyers right now, you can at least make them want to come back next time. These experts have plenty of tricks to make the website more interesting. Some of them even worked with big companies to boost their page. You can experience an increase in traffic as soon as you make these changes.