How to create custom stickers?

By | December 18, 2019

StickerYou is all about offering its customers a custom high-quality cling, especially one that clearly portrays your message and sticks. The products that StickerYou offers are customized by you on our sticker maker and the greatest feature is that it is re-applicable and easily removable. With the power of static electricity that really makes sure that the clings are to be customized according to your wishes. They can be customized to have a clear or white background and the size can be customized to be made smaller or larger. They are especially perfect to be applied on any surface you desire; for instance, to be stuck as smoothly as possible onto a glass surface such as on windows or onto a mirrored surface. They can also be removed with ease and re-applied so that your sticker message can follow you along wherever you choose to go!

These stickers can be very helpful especially when doing promotional advertisements on your shop’s glassy windows to instantly catch the eye of the customer, or during a special discounted or season sale. To add to that, they can be useful when advertising on other forms such as on vehicles, these stickers can very effectively be applied onto the windows of your cars, vans or trucks! Furthermore, they also have great use within the house, as they can be used as décor around the house or when having a specific type of event such as a birthday party!

These can be applied onto irregularly shaped surfaces with quite an ease and are also a great alternative to be being an economic option! Especially, if you need to advertise your own products quite often or have a wide range of products that you need to advertise about. You can simply design your very own customized static cling which can give you the benefit of designing it by yourself and then having a variety of options instead of opting from a limited range. What’s more, is that these static clings are durable along with being weather resistant. This will help them stay bright and bold no matter how much harsh weather they are exposed to, or how much water or sunlight they are exposed to.

About Us

The formation of StickerYou was based on the idea to aid individuals and businesses in empowering them by making and providing then with the best custom static clings or easily sticking products. It could be to help them a notch in their marketing tactics or letting them a free form of personal message expression through stickers. This enables us to aid other individuals and businesses in making what truly matters to stick!

  • Any Shape

The die-cut technology that StickerYou uses enables our customers to be able to freely create any form of shape they desire without facing any type of limitation. We can help produce any type of shape by contouring to that image, no matter what shape it is. It can also just be any standard shape such as squares, triangles, circles, rectangles, and so on.

  • Any Quantity

The customized products that StickerYou produces are using our digital printers and our cutters with the appropriate technology. All of which enables our customers to freely order quantities ranging from as low as 1 to 10,000! For very large quantities, a customized quote is also offered so that our customer only pays for the exact quantity they require.

  • Any Size

StickerYou can also customize your requested sticker to any size you desire. No matter how large or small the size it is, whether it is a simple 4×4 inch design or a specific 4.3×3.8inch design. It is guaranteed that your requested product will be cut at least within 0.1inches according to your given specifications.

  • Bleed

The design editor used by StickerYou allows our customers to continue the background color or the image color up till the edges of the sticker design with maximum ease. This can help prevent a white boundary or border from forming and lining all the way to the very edge of the sticker design,

  • Border

StickerYou also enables its customers to freely edit the border of their design, whether they are creating the sticker design from complete scratch or using the help of StickerYou’s art to create their design. This added feature allows for more precise design of the sticker.

How to get in contact with StickerYou? So the next time you want your message to be portrayed and displayed, with a fast and effortless manner be sure to use our StickerYou’s sticker maker and use onlystatic clings. The most efficient way to get connected with us is to fill out our form and place your inquiries. All of the inquiries sent to us are to be placed into a queue and will be dealt with sequence wise. Response time is approximately 1 business day but may take a bit longer in case of high volume time periods. StickerYou is unceasingly updating our manufacturing, online, and customer service experience to guarantee that our customers obtain only the very best customized die-cut sticker products that they will love!