How to Create a great Instagram Profile that Grabs Eyeballs

By | August 23, 2019
Instagram Profile

For people who love blogging about food, travel, or photography, the current digital scenario is gold. Everyone loves to read blogs about fashion, travel, and so on. But being a blogger is a hard job because if your blog doesn’t have enough reach, it won’t be successful. It is a common knowledge that to get exposure to the maximum audience, you have to be present on various social media accounts as more than half the global population is on it.

One social media platform that is taking everyone by storm is Instagram. With more than 2.8 billion active users, Instagram is the perfect platform for bloggers to reach their consumers with creative posts. If you are still blogging without an Instagram account, it is time to create one.

Don’t delay making an account, because once you create an account, you will need to work extra hard on it to gain followers. No one has a magic wand that you will get good numbers of followers that stick around and converts to leads within minutes. It will require effort, and with these tips, it will be easy for you to gain Instagram followers, and get good leads for your blog.

Here are some ways that will help you create a great Instagram profile that grabs eyeballs.

1.     The username for your account should be good

The first thing you need to do to create your Instagram account is finding a good username. If your blog is popular and gets good traffic, use its name for your Instagram account. If your blog is fairly new, pick a username, which is unique, catchy, and professional.

After that make sure your profile stands out too. Use bullet points to write your bio, in brief, explaining about you and what you do. Also, add your blog link, initially the link to the website and after some time, a link of the current blog.

2.     Your post should tell a story

Whether you post a video or an image, make sure it tells a story. To do that, write captions, telling behind the story of the picture you have uploaded. State some facts about it or a fun story behind shooting that image and so on.

Adding caption is adding oil to fire it will help make your account and blog stand out.

3.     Hashtags are important

Using hashtags in your post is important, but using them in the right manner is more important. They are like keywords that can help people search for your content when they look for content using popular hashtags.

Instagram lets users utilize up to 30 hashtags per post, but you should use only 10-15 hashtags. Also, use hashtags that are relevant to your post and blog. Don’t use any hashtags just because they are popular or trending.

4.     Geotagging is important

When you geotag a location your post, it helps your post appear in searches when people are looking for a certain location. Also, it is nice when you acknowledge the place you shot your image and you get more exposure.

5.     Follow fellow influencers and even tag them

There are tons of other people who are influencing users with their unique posts and videos. If you want to get more exposure and get discovered by more people, you should follow other influencers both from your niche and others.

Also, comment on their picture and tag them on amazing images. It will really help you get organic followers.

6.     Make use of an Instagram slideshow feature for introducing your

The slideshow feature of Instagram is a great tool for introducing your blog. With the help of the slideshow feature, you can post a series of images that tells a story. So, use images that describe your blog the best and post them using the slideshow feature.

You can also tag people who helped you with the shoot and tag the place too. It will help you get more exposure as people following them can see your post too.

7.     Post consistently

Posting consistently on Instagram can help you get more followers and likes, and also increase your engagement rate. Through hit and trial, you can find out the time when your users are online, and posting on that time every day can help you get more followers. It will also help you build a community for your account, which is a good thing as through your ups and downs, this community will remain loyal to you.

Use an Instagram scheduler tool that you can use to schedule posts for the day. It will help you focus on other things related to account and you can pre-plan the next day’s post.

8.     Take advantage of Instagram stories

The new feature of Instagram stories is taking everyone by storm. They stay up for only 24 hours, which makes them even more popular. As a blogger, you can share longer videos on stories showing users your editing or writing process. You can share behind the scenes video and photos from any events or so on.

9.     The secret to more followers is engaging them

If you want more followers and likes, then only posting regularly won’t work for you. It is also important to post quality content and invest energy and time in your account. Refrain from buying fake likes and followers, as it is not only illegal but can also harm your account in the long run.

The organic way to get followers is to spend time on your account posting good content that engages users and also connects with them. Start a discussion through your caption or reply to top comments on your post. It will help increase your user’s engagement level, and you will get more leads.

Instagram has more engagement level than Facebook and as a blogger, you need a high engagement level. It is time to take these points into consideration and make an account on Instagram to reach maximum people.