How to Choose the Perfect Door Mirror for You

By | June 19, 2020
Door Mirror
Door Mirror

Mirrors. We all use them, but a lot of times, it’s a pickle when choosing one. Many questions come to mind – size, color, and especially how much space it will take. Even if you never really thought about the importance or if you did, I am here today to help and give you the answer to some of your questions and problems, and my solution? Door mirrors! Still not convinced? Then let me guide you and advise you on how to choose the perfect door mirror for you. 

Find Your Ideal Size

When it comes to mirrors, there are all types of shapes and sizes, and if you go to a store, there is a whole world of different kinds of mirrors. A little like us, all mirrors are unique and have their details, and it’s not that easy to find one that matches you perfectly. Round? Square? With a frame? Colorful? Or even, thinking big, a triple view mirror? That is the right thing about door mirrors: they can be as broad and tall as the door, or small enough to be more portable. So, let’s dig deeper:

Decor and Frames

There is nothing in our home more satisfying than feeling harmony on the decor, and a mirror can bring that missing touch. The world of colors, frames, and designs are vast and beyond imagination, from more straightforward details to bolder choices. Why is this so important? It’s a piece that you will continuously be looking at, so it matters that you enjoy it. Let’s try an example if you like light and minimalism, bright colors, and nothing too extravagant, a thin golden frame around would be an incredible option – sounds pretty nice, doesn’t it? If you are the exact opposite and enjoy more creative, bolder, full of life things, think about a more robust, printed frame with your favorite pattern, bringing that “wow” touch to the room. There is no rule for decorating your mirror, as it is more important to focus on your style because you are the one living with it and looking at it all the time, so it’s a good tip. 

Mirror… Assemble 

You might be asking why would this even matter, right? But imagine finding that mirror, the perfect one, and in a different scenario, you want to move or change it, so knowing this skill would make it easier and an extra plus on your skills’ list. There are many techniques for door mirrors, and taking into consideration the door you want to place it on is very important. Drilling holes and using hammer nails could be a solution, but if you don’t want to make so much damage on your door, double-sided tape is the way to go. Easy, quick, and cheap.

What About the Coating? 

Gold, platinum, silver, copper… so many types of metals to choose from. When talking about coating, it’s not only the aesthetic point of view but also the benefits it can bring. A door mirror being a household mirror, is coated on the back, and it doesn’t seem too important, but each metal has a different percentage of reflectance. The most common coating is aluminum or silver. Something to reflect about, am I right? 

Tips About Decorating With Mirrors

There are many of do’s and don’ts, so when thinking about the ideal door mirror for 

you always take into consideration some things. For example, the lighting of the space you are about to put your mirror on! If you want to look at a more natural reflection, choose a place with full windows and good sunlight. Placing mirrors on specific locations that damage the house harmony and bring discomfort is a no-no. So, as I’ve said before, adjust your mirror to your style or home decor, because your aesthetic will still matter when it comes to choosing the right mirror to place on your door. A mirror should not only reflect our image but be our image, our personality, and something that says, “this is me.”

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, even though a mirror is something so familiar in our houses and life, and that we all have, be it a small one in our purse or a big statement around the home, it’s also something we use every single day, so why not going for a style that we like, that is practical, and that screams “this was a great choice.” I hope this article helped you on your quest for the perfect mirror, and thank you for reading!