How to Choose Right Perfume For Women

By | November 28, 2019
Perfume For Women
Perfume For Women

How amazing it feels, when someone passes by and we get whiff of an amazing fragrance? Ecstatic right! Yeah, that’s the magic of perfume. Perfume fragrance introduces you, your taste and your personality. Many people get attracted to someone, just by the perfume fragrance. If a perfume is such an important product, how to buy it?

These days in the market, there are a lot of brands and options available. So, how to buy the best perfume for women. Here’s the buying guide for you, to buy an amazing perfume-

Why wear Perfume?

Wearing perfume not only is associated with attractiveness, but it also boosts person confidence. Knowing that you smell amazing, and no sweat odor is coming from you is something great. Also, the fragrance is one of the underrated memory-boosters. It is proven that fragrances have a great effect on your memory. A fragrance once smelled, is hard to forget by your brain that easily. There are many other benefits of wearing the fragrances, such as-

  1. It builds an emotional connection with the people.
  2. It enhances a person’s mood
  3. It makes you look attractive
  4. Boosts your confidence
  5. Help triggers the memory
  6. It also cures headache
  7. Treats Insomnia

Fragrance Note

While reading about perfumes, you might have come across some notes like base note, medium note, and top note. What actually are these?  Three notes form a perfume. Each note has its own significance when the other note evaporates. Each note contains a different smell and lasts for different times. Let us have a detailed look into it-

Top Note: It is the initial smell of the perfume, which we smell as soon as we apply it. It lasts for about 15 minutes to 2 hours. These notes carry fragrances like- floral scents, marines and aquatic, powdery scents, etc.

Medium Note: It is called as middle or heart notes. It comes into the picture when the top note gets evaporated. It lasts for about 3- 5 hours. This note often includes heavy scents like- jasmine, spice scents (cinnamon and clove), and fruity scents.

Base Note: This is the last note, which stays for almost the whole day. It comes into notice when the other two notes get evaporated. Perfume’s foundation is laid on this note, and it decides the time the perfume will last on your skin. The base note contains fragrance like- sandalwood, smoke, musk, tobacco, leather, tar, etc.

There are two types of Perfume fragrances, and not all perfumes come with these three notes. Some perfumes are Linear, which means it will smell the same as it used to with the first spray until you wash it off.

While the other Non-Linear fragrance keeps changing with the note, so, it totally depends on the purpose which type of fragrance you would like to choose.

How to buy the Perfume

  • Decide on a Price point: Before going to buy perfume, you must decide on a price up to which you want to buy the perfume. Perfume can range from Rs.1000 to Rs. 10,000.
  • Choose the concentration: The concentration of the perfume decides its staying power. The reason, some perfumes are very expensive is because of its staying power. The longer staying power, the expensive perfume is. The concentration of the perfume can be seen with the name written on the bottle. Like-
  • Cologne or Eau de Cologne: This is the oldest term used for masculine scents in North America. Cologne has the lowest concentration, and it lasts for about 2 hours. It contains 3-5% of perfume oil in alcohol and water.
  • Eau de toilette: This is slightly more concentrated perfume and lasts for about three to four hours. It contains 5-15% of perfume oil.
  • Eau de perfume: This term is used for both Men and Women products. It has a higher concentration of oil than the above two. It contains around 15-18% of oil mixed with alcohol and lasts for about six hours.
  • Perfume/Parfum: The perfume with the highest concentration and longest saying power. It lasts for the whole day and contains up to 20-30% of perfume oil.
  • Chose the Scent: There are a lot many fragrances and scents. Chose or select which one you like: Perfume scent can be separated into four categories-

Floral: Lavender, blossom, carnation. This is the best perfume for women, as they love the floral scent.

Citrus/Fruity smell: This is typically fruity smell like- grapefruit, lime, orange. These scents are generally fresh and bright.

Oriental/Spicy: They smell musky, vanilla, or cinnamon.

Woody: This scent is for woody and earthy smell.

  • Don’t wear perfume, when you are going to buy one: When you are going to purchase a perfume, it is best not to wear one. In that way, the fragrances won’t get mixed up, and you can choose the best perfume for yourself.
  • Only try six perfume at a time: It is best to try only six perfumes at a time so that your mind remembers them, and you do not get confused with the fragrances.
  • Before buying, spray the perfume onto your wrists: When you go to buy the perfume, you smell it on the blotter sheet. But, when you are sure of the smell you want to buy, before buying spray it on the wrist. Scents when they come in the contact of skin, often change their fragrance.

So, these are some of the buying guides for you to purchase for yourself or to gift someone the best perfume ever.