How To Buy The Best Refrigerator in India For Your Family: Valuable Tips

By | September 8, 2019
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Have you recently got married? Are you and your better half planning to buy a new fridge? Then, you have landed on the right page. We promise you will get the best information regarding buying a new fridge model. The refrigerator is an important kitchen appliance which keeps the food and to-be food items always fresh. It is necessary to know every feature of the fridge before making a buying decision. Please find the aspects you need to consider before deciding on how to buy the best refrigerator in India for your family.

A. Capacity

Not many think of the capacity of the refrigerator before making the purchase. If you are a new family, you may want to buy a fridge which can hold items at least for a four-member family. Or if you plan to move out of this country after two years, then buy a small fridge. You need to consider the amount of food to be kept in the refrigerator. Are you and your spouse working professionals? Then you will go in the morning and come at night. So it is better to buy a fridge for a four-member family.

Here is the opinion of home improvement experts:

  • Three-member family – 150 to the 250-liter fridge
  • Four to the five-member family – 250 to the 500-liter fridge
  • For two adults/two children – 250 to 350 liter fridge
  • Six to seven adults in the family – 550 to the 850-liter fridge

B. Space

Have you bought an apartment? Or taken rent in a new home? Then, you need to check if the fridge can fit in your home or not. Do not forget the fact, there should be space to open the fridge doors. There should be a one-inch space at the top of the fridge and even at the rear. Do you stay in the seventh-floor apartment? Then how will you bring the fridge up? Via the lift? Is there an option? One important factor you need to consider before making a purchase. One of the most important aspects to be considered before deciding on the models for the best refrigerator in India to purchase for your family. 

C. Defrosting: Direct cool vs Frost free

How does the fridge keep the food items inside the compartments cool? It is because of the circulation of cool air. When it comes to the direct cool options of the fridge, then the circulation of cool air happens via natural convection devoid of any help from outside sources. Sometimes, the cool air may get stuck in one place and ice may form. In such situations, you may have to defrost the fridge by the manual method. However, there is one positive. The direct cool fridges save electricity and they are considered the economy class.

So, did you guess the opposite form of direct cool option? Your guess is correct. It is the frost-free type. So, you do not have to deal with frost or ice. And in these fridges, the cool air gets circulated by electric fans. The ice does not form in the interior of compartments. When it comes to the expense, these models may cost a bomb. They also need more electricity watts to carry out their activities.

You also need to look into the types of refrigerators. Don’t you? There are five main types of fridges.

1. Single Door

The model justifies the name, and have a single door. Their capacity is 150 till 250 liters. If you want an economy class home appliance with the best model features, then you also get some freezer space. Usually, they fall in the direct cool category. But the recent brands have diversified and introduced a digital auto defrost option in their every model. This is one option you need to consider before making the decision on how to buy the best refrigerator in India for your family. 

Example –

  • Samsung  RR20M2Z2XR7
  • Whirlpool 215 Ice Magic Model 

2. Double Door

Here also, the title specifies the model type. But the doors are not present beside each other, but one above the other. The top compartment is the freezer and the last compartment, you can use it for other means. So, you get the capacity for 250 liters up to 500 liters. You can expect low electricity bills from this model. You always get the models in frost-free type. And yes, the advantage is the presence of tough glass shelves inside the refrigerator.

Example –

  • LG GL-I292RPZL
  • Bosch KGN56LB40I

3. Triple Door Fridge

Among the types of fridges, this type comes across as a tall and slim model. They occupy less home and office space. The capacity – 250 to 350 liters. You get the freezer at the top, a middle compartment for regular usage and lower compartment is for the vegetables. These models have tough glass shelves along with frost-free type option.


  • Hitachi R-SG31BPND
  • Haier HRB-386-WFG

4. Side by side

Similar to the other models, these fridges also come with hard glass shelves and frost-free type. They not only have the latest technology but have high storage space. They have also had different sections to store many items.

Example –

  • Koryo 509 L Star Frost Free Model
  • BPL Model –  RS564H Model   

5. Mini Fridges

They have a very small shape and just offer the basic cooling facilities. Their capacity range is 100 liters. Some models have a small freezer. They fall in the direct cool category.

  • Mitashi 46 L 2 liter
  • Leonard USA 120 L model

Energy Ratings

Have you ever heard about EER? These are the ratings that can show the energy efficiency of an appliance. If you have a high star rating, then you will get a more efficient appliance. Do you want to save some cash? Then look into the details of the energy saved every year from the fridge. You can get the details from the total units spent the last 12 months.

Shall we go to the details?

  • If it is a one-star rating – you save Rs 100
  • For a two-star rating fridge – you save Rs 800
  • Three-star rating fridge – Rs 1200 (savings)
  • Four-star – Rs 1500 ( Good savings, right?)
  • Five-star rating – Rs 1800 (after reading this article, you will go for only this model).

When you buy a fridge, ensure to look for Bureau of Energy Efficiency to check the authenticity.


You have heard about compressors in air conditioners. When it comes to the fridge, these parts maintain the cool atmosphere inside the compartments. The small model comes with general compressors. Inverter compressors are generally found in medium and large-sized refrigerators.

1. General Compressor

The compressor usually operates at a very high speed. They follow the same momentum throughout the cycle. The compressor follows the same pattern and stops only when the optimum temperature is reached. There are chances you get to hear a ticking sound from the fridge often.

2. Inverter compressor

This compressor stands at a different level than the previously mentioned category. They can run at many temperatures based on the cooling that is required. They can start a low speed and shift to more in case of a drop in cool air. The advantage of this compressor is its energy efficiency.

Additional Features To Consider Before Making The Decision on Purchasing The Best Refrigerator in India

Do you know about some other features of modern refrigerators? Please find the details on other features below –

A. Toughened Glass Shelves

Do you want the fridge to work for a long time? Then opt for models which have hard glass shelves? The reason is their durability and the ability to handle the weight.

B. Convertible Fridges

There are a few fridges, you can find this option. Are you running out of space in your fridge? Then you can convert the fridge compartment to normal fridge space.

C. Adjustable shelves

You also have models with adjustable shelves. The reason, if you have to fit a large cake in the fridge, then you can remove a few fridge shelves to allow big items.

D. Cool pack

Does your home suffer from constant electricity cuts? Then, go for the cool pack. With this feature, the freezer can remain cool for nearly twelve hours even if there is no power supply. So, buy the appropriate model.

E. Voltage stabilizer

Do you live in a rainy area? Do you find that the bulbs get blown every time? Then do not forget to buy a fridge with a voltage stabilizer built inside. This feature will help in areas of high voltage fluctuations.

F. Deodoriser

We need not explain the benefit of having deodorizer in your home. They can take off the foul smell emanating from the fridge.

G. Smart refrigerators

Now let us come to the recent types of fridge or refrigerator models. The smart variety. With the new technology called the Internet of Things, you can control the temperature of the appliance with your mobile.

The smart refrigerator models allow you to watch movies on the door, take videos and photos and complete many tasks. There are many refrigerator models in the market ranging from LG and Samsung.


You can find the models in LG and Samsung brands. 


Did this article on how to buy the best refrigerator in India help you gain valuable tips? Then please drop a comment in the Reviews section. Before signing off the article, there is one aspect which we want to mention again and again. The need for maintenance service to the fridge. And the manufacturer’s manual.

But is it possible to get the best fridge technician even though the appliance has crossed the warranty period? Yes. But you do not have to search for referrals or search on websites. The way you have to adopt is to search for online home repair companies. For example, you are in Hyderabad and the fridge needs a service. So, just search in the app of best companies offering home appliance repair services in the city. They will have qualified fridge technicians skilled in AC maintenance service in Hyderabad on their payrolls. You can hire them via the app to come to your home and give maintenance service. The appliance will get the best possible service.

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