How to Build Quality Backlinks with Images?

By | April 7, 2020
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One of the most complex parts of SEO is link building. Creating backlinks is important to get better SERP positions and improve the domain authority. SEOs who have worked in the field for a long time remember the early days when content quality mattered for naught and backlinks alone were enough to rank content high on SERPs.

Search engines have evolved, but their reliance on using backlinks as a ranking factor remains. One of the main jobs of an SEO still remains to build more backlinks and improving the overall link profile of a website.

There are many different ways SEOs can build backlinks. There is a whole array of link building techniques that SEOs use to create links to their website and improve their SERPs. We know some of the famous ones like guest posting, blog commenting, PR submission, social bookmarking, and broken link building. 

All these techniques are somewhat in the mainstream of link building. Any SEO out there worth his salt would be able to put these techniques to use and get a fairly good number of backlinks for his/her client.

Another technique that actually pays a lot of dividends is image link building. In this article, we discuss how image link building can help get high-quality backlinks to a website. 

What is the Image Link Building?

Backlinks that are gained through an image are known to be built with image link building. The practice essentially involves a website linking an image or its caption to another website. 

Like most link building techniques, the trick with building links with images is to get the background process right before sealing the deed.

This means creating the right image and making sure it is used by the right people.

The first step is creating the right image. 

There are many ways you can create the right image. You can create an infographic which talks about a given topic and compresses a complex topic into a simple graphical representation. If this infographic is picked up by other websites, ask each of them for credit in the form of a backlink back to your website. 

Building links with infographics is only one way. Photographers often go out and click the best stills possible to get backlinks from other prominent websites which allows them to improve their DA and backlink scores. 

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covers some of the main tactics that can be used to gain backlinks with images. 

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