How To Apply For A Pan Card For A Child

By | September 26, 2019
Pan Card

Permanent Account Number or PAN card is not just for adults. Minors can get their PAN card as there is no specific rule for age limit mentioned in the eligibility criteria set by the Income Tax Department of India. A parent needs to understand the necessity of a PAN card for their child. And then comes the part of the application procedure.

When is a PAN card required for a child?

  • When one of the parents or guardian wants to make the child of any investment the nominee, that child must possess a PAN card in his or her name.
  • In case someone wants to make an investment in their child’s name, PAN card is a must for that child.
  • For bank savings account or availing the benefits of the various schemes of the government designed for the education and career of a girl child, PAN card is a necessity.
  • In case a child earns based on their skill and talent, it is taxable. And any taxable income requires a valid PAN card.

Process for PAN card application for a minor

Since minors cannot do the application on their own, it is important to entrust the work to a consultant who will properly do the application. For this, one may get the assistance of a PAN card service provider. It is easier to get the entire process done with the help of an experienced individual who has the right knowledge. Parents can also do the application for PAN card on their child’s behalf.

Here is a brief guide on how to apply for a minor PAN card.

  • At first, you have to visit the official website (NSDL) for the registration process. Here you have to choose the PAN card application form 49A for Indian citizens and 49AA for NRIs.
  • After choosing the right category, you need to fill the form with all the necessary details as instructed.
  • Next, you need to upload a photograph of the child and submit all the documents as stated in the form.
  • The signature of the parent or guardian also has to be uploaded.
  • There is a payment for the application which in 107/ for Indian residents and 989/ for NRIs. you may pay it via credit card or net banking as well as demand draft.
  • After the successful submission of the form, you will get an acknowledgment number. Make sure you keep the number safely so that you can track your application status later.
  • The last most important step that you have to do is label an envelope with Application For PAN Card and send the acknowledgment number to the registered address of the NSDL. If you have chosen the demand draft method for payment and not uploaded the documents online, then it has to be sent along with the acknowledgment number.

The card will take 15 to 20 days to reach you at your mentioned address. Also, you will receive an email notification after the verification is complete.

Just make sure that you keep all the necessary documents ready before you start the application process. Without the proper documents, the application will get rejected.