How Not to Grant Diabetes Ruin Your Birthday

By | April 13, 2021


Don’t let diabetes put a drag on your social life. Start with a healthy strategy that contains steps to take previously, during, and after the celebrations.

Since you have diabetes, you realize you have to control your sugar intake, but what do you do when it’s celebration time, and more so, if you are the birthday person? There’s no need to bother, get some tips on the best ways to tackle this situation and still enjoy this special day.

It’s no secret that in India, every party or celebration is guaranteed to possess rich food, tempting deep-fried snacks, and sweets loaded with fat and sugar. What is probably the biggest recounted by maximum people diagnosed with diabetes, is conserving their healthy diet on social occasions.

Redefine sweetness:

Neglect sugar and rather opt for stevia, or a paste prepared from dried dates, raisins, and dried figs or you can also experiment with Sharik (powdered dried dates).

“Celebrations can be difficult for people with diabetes, especially in a country where there is so much priority on food being an expression of love and affection. This isn’t prepared easier by the fact that sweets, pastries and vibrant dishes loaded with fat and spices are the focal points of any celebrations.

Birthdays are all about glancing at the last piece of cake and gobbling down when no one is noticing. “Birthday pe cake nahi khaaya toh kya kiya fit”. Place an order cake online bangalore along with various other sugar-free cakes of different flavors through a variety of online bakers. The sugar-free cake will help the metabolism regulate, and cravings for empty-calorie foods dissipate as the phases of leptin, the hormone that oversees hunger, stay consistent. Hang a flower garland with beautiful indoor flowers that add vibrance to your house and a unique way to arrange flowers is by turning them into a beautiful garland that you can drape anywhere in the celebration.

Substitutes and portion control:

While replacing sugar is half the battle won, celebrations involve other items that add to the calorie count and are unhealthy for everyone and not just people with diabetes. Even when dishes have been re-engineered to use healthier alternatives, try eating just a small portion of the ones you like, instead of attacking everything on offer. Trade a second slice of cake for a little bit of a snack you are fond of, and so on. Instead of thinking deprived, this will permit you to try more than one thing while still staying within your limits.

Shift the focus away from food:

This may sound easier than it will be to do but it is worth evaluating. It would be highly recommended to use plan milks for desserts like sheera and halwa. But more importantly, “You can take up new challenges and fulfill them on birthdays to reap double the joy with your loved ones!”

With all the measures enjoy your birthday celebration. Additionally, Flowers when used for flower decorations can spruce up your house for any occasion, some beautiful indoor flowers that add vibrance to your house and celebration. Meanwhile classy and edgy flower decorations add an extra special touch to your house party go for it as well.