How Customer Services can be Improved with Live Chat Applications

Customer service is the first step to satisfy your customers and gain trust among them. These are text-based tools used for lead generation and customer service in the BPO industry.

Research shows that these are more conventional and effective because of the drastic technological shift. It is easy to use and provides an interactive response to the user and due to increased use of the Internet; its usage has also increased.

Live chat app and email outsourcing can help your business to reach untouched markets and customers. Both of these tools are different from each other and are used in different ways, for example, E-mail is more marketing-driven as you can keep customers updated about your offers, products, and services, whereas, live chat is more customer service oriented, where you can directly interact with customers and help them with their queries, issues, and feedback. When used together, both email and chat can improve your leads as well as customer experience.

Outsourcing agencies work in coordination with clients to give them quick results along with excellent service.  However, before finalizing, you should be cautious and should pre-determine certain guidelines. Below are some of the important points you should keep in mind before outsourcing:

  • Specialized staff- When you outsource services, you technically handover a part of your business to a third party. Service providers hire their staff and you as a client remains unaware of their work ethic. This can be ignored while outsourcing calls or other back-end processes but in chat outsourcing the employees should be specialized in various skills such as language, grammar, typing, probing, chat manners, etc., these skills are crucial for live chat.

Apart from this, speed is the second important thing that matters because executives need to take as many chats as possible. Meanwhile, there should be zero errors, because on call one can probe the customer on the line itself, but in a chat, if the wrong information is passed on to the customer you cannot immediately rectify it. Therefore, employees should be specially trained with such skills and should only work on chat or email process.

  • Software-based resources- Computer software is used to design the chatbox and email newsletter for your website. An outsourcing company that can provide such services can be very helpful. They also act as a one-stop solution that can assist your right from designing to executing final services. You can choose from different layouts or can create your design according to your business type. Attractive chatbox engages customers quickly which can increase traffic on your website.

With the development of artificial intelligence, there are services like auto-reply, chat-bots, etc., where a system-generated template or message is sent to the customers whenever they interact with your chat-box or signup for newsletters. All this is possible if the email outsourcing company is laced with interactive software support. This is like an add-on benefit which can improve your customer service process.

  • 24×7 services- Imagine a customer on live chat at late night not getting a response from your side, it will degrade your business name to an immeasurable extent. Therefore, it is highly important to outsource services to a service provider who can facilitate 24×7 live chat support and 24×7 email support. Customers are the most prominent assets of a business, therefore, customer service should be available around the clock irrespective of time or hour.

Especially when you’re operating such mediums which can be accessed at any time, someone needs to be present for every case of customer contacts. Outsourcing company should have employees that can work in rotational shifts and even on holidays. If you’re outsourcing offshore, your service provider should manage operations as per the dedicated time zone to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.


Live chat and email support are very innovative processes and outsourcing them should be done with attention to gain maximum benefit. Therefore, come into a contract with a trusted service provider with a good track record who has all the basic resources that you ascertain are required. Always set guidelines and inform the service provider about your business in advance, to avoid any mishaps later. With co-operative working, you can enhance your customer service, increase lead generation, and boost sales.

Aryan Singh

Aryan Singh is an experienced Financial Consultant and Tech Reviewer who has 6+ years of experience in the field of finance, business, and technology. He is very passionate to write about Finance, Business, Technology, Gadgets, Digital Marketing, Guest Posting, Fashion, Lifestyle, etc.