How Can Your Company Benefit from an Employee Body Boost Program?

By | January 20, 2020
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Corporate wellness programs promote healthy behaviours among employees making them more productive, faster, and happier.

Nowadays, wellness programs have gained immense popularity among organizations. Initially, they started out as employee perks.

Today, wellness programs are common among all kinds and sizes of enterprises since they have become an integral part of a company benefits package. They offer an adaptive body boost to employees to stay healthy and fit.

When executed correctly, wellness programs provide incentives to employees, tools, social support, and training to adopt healthy behaviour, both in private and in the workplace.

Wellness programs can only do good for an organization, therefore, let us read on to know the many advantages of introducing a wellness program in an organization.

Why Companies Should Take Our Wellness Program?

According to the Rand Report, a study conducted in 2013, states that workplace wellness programs curb the epidemic of various lifestyle-related diseases in people.

Wellness programs Promote Healthy Behavior in Employees

The main purpose of any wellness program is bringing about a behaviour change. With the right motivation, tools, and techniques, individuals are motivated to alter their habits and behaviours. 

As a result, healthy behaviours lower health risks, reduce the onset of chronic illnesses, and ultimately leading to lower health costs. The key is to maintain healthy habits even after the wellness program has concluded.

People are urged to eat healthy foods, exercise more, avoid smoking, drinking, or drug abuse, stress management, and practice safety. Apart from improving the general health of employees, wellness programs can also alleviate symptoms of depression and improve life satisfaction.

Wellness Programs Reduce Additional Health Risks

The foundation of any effective wellness program is helping employees adopt healthy behaviour on a daily basis. High cholesterol, elevated blood glucose levels, blood pressure, are mostly caused by unhealthy eating habits and less exercising. 

When people change their diet, participate in sport or do regular exercise, and lose weight, then the body is rejuvenated making it possible to become healthier, fitter and happier. Wellness programs enable employees to adopt these practices for the long-term by giving them perk in the office.

Wellness Programs Reduce Healthcare Costs

Wellness programs can also have a positive impact, in terms of reduction of your healthcare costs. The ability of wellness programs to reduce healthcare costs is directly proportional to the effectiveness of the program.

If a body boost program is truly effective, employees will start showcasing healthy behaviours. They will fall sick less often, there will be a reduction in absenteeism. As a result, they will see that their savings will be greater than the cost of the program itself.

Wellness Programs Boost Employee Productivity

Poor employee productivity is denoted by the employees being physically present at work but not actually working. This is called presenteeism. It is estimated that the cost of presenteeism is three times the cost of healthcare benefits.

There are several reasons behind presenteeism. It could be a lack of training, the inability to use the equipment, unhappiness in the workplace, or work dissatisfaction. However, one of the major reasons for the low productivity of employees is poor employee health.

Wellness programs can Reduce Absenteeism

There have been numerous studies proving the benefits of wellness programs in reducing absenteeism. Workplaces with effective wellness programs have been able to see a significant decrease in employee absenteeism.

Since wellness programs can help in reducing the stress levels of employees, inculcate healthy behaviour, regulate blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose, it enables employees to exhibit lower rates of absenteeism since they show up to work regularly.

Wellness Programs can Improve Recruitment and Retention

Wellness programs can improve employee retention and recruitment in an organization. Along with a good salary package, if an organization can offer a rich benefits plan including healthcare benefits.

When employees are offered free wellness, gym membership, onsite health clinics, without an insurance premium, it could be a deciding factor in accepting the job offer or staying in the company for long.


Banjig offers an excellent corporate wellness program that adopts a holistic approach towards improving employee health and reducing organizational issues like absenteeism, attrition, and high healthcare costs. 

Our body boost program allows employees to stay fit, healthy, productive and happy in the workplace, increasing their overall work satisfaction, quality of life and environment.