How Are Indian Paintings Acquiring The Place In Abroad?

By | December 2, 2019
Indian Paintings
Indian Paintings

In India, painting has always been Shastra-based. Shastra gave few valid principles helping art to evolve and flourish over time. There was a time when India did not have artists. The cultural diversity of India introduced different styles and flavours to Indian paintings. As a result, village craftsmen and painters started creating their work in their own styles using homemade recipes for vibrant colours used in art.

Indian Paintings are Classified into Two Categories:

  • Indian Wall Paintings
  • Indian Miniature Paintings

Religion and Culture Have a Great Impact on Indian Paintings that Further Classified Indian Art into Three Types:

  • Folk Paintings
  • Indo-Islamic Art
  • Buddhist Art

Usually, these paintings illustrate different aspects of Hinduism and Buddhism.

Influence of Indian Paintings In Abroad

You know what in the initial period of history, there were very few Indian artists who could showcase their artwork deliberately. But with the time and the increasing knowledge about art, the quality of art also enhanced. The demands of modern art grew in the international market in recent years.

Beautiful and big art galleries have been introduced in the western world presenting the Indian art ruled by Indians. Not only this but also Indian art is spreading across the world. The best example of this is New York’s The Museum of Modern Art has created a repository of Indian paintings and photographs.

Though western museums have started concentrating on Indian art until the 19th century but Indian art reached another level until the 20th and 21st century due to the high knowledge and technology that helped art to grow rapidly. Indian artists started travelling and exhibiting their artworks in Asian nations such as Taiwan, China, Singapore etc.

Benefits of Exhibiting Abroad

There exist many advantages to exhibiting abroad. For beginners, art galleries are well organized and generate high revenue due to the higher prices when sold in the international market. There are so many Indian artists who have done renowned international art shows setting a standard.

One of the major reasons for the growth of Indian art and its popularity in Abroad is due to its journey in recent years. India independence has changed India’s artistic outlook in a few decades. The assertions of artists became nationalist or modernist, socially responsive or subjective. Gradually, many things helped artists to push their boundaries and created an artistic impact in Abroad that was fantastic.

Status of The Art Market Over The Last Few Years

As per our current report, around 7 or 8 artists stood up in terms of value. Most of the people have put the majority of their works in the art market.  Progressive masters like Husain, Raza, Souza, Ram Kumar and Tyeb Mehta are among of them.

When we see the auction catalogue of a few years back, we will realize that there are many artists who presented their artworks in the museums and art market at the time. On striking a balance, we require to build value and respect for these artists. But at the same time, we also want to introduce and reintroduce other artists with more importance during their time.

Evolution of the Indian Art Market After The Global Financial Crisis

Global Financial crisis affected every art market to some extent. On having a deep observation, we will see that the best work is getting hidden and the senior artists are bouncing back. Also, it is seen that higher prices are being made today than what was made 10-20 years ago. Today, this price range varies from 2-4 million for absolute top-quality works.

There are many new records in the market and being optimistic about the Indian art market, we have observed that the growth is slow but it’s steady. This simply implies that people are becoming more knowledgeable and much more discriminating. Also, the fuzziness that was there in the market in 2007 isn’t seen anymore. Signature is less valuable in the eyes of people as compared to the value and it is a good sign of growth in the near future.

Role of Galleries And Art Fairs in Promoting The Art Market

Art galleries are very important in the ecosystem helping to promote the career of the artist. Galleries invest plenty of time as well as efforts into building artists’ brands helping them in all stages of their career. It begins from discovering new artists, helping in their development, promoting their artwork and increase the art sale. Gallerists become more active to increase the development of the artists’ style. This requires visiting artists’ studios and giving appropriate suggestions.

Uploading paintings in a reputable collection is crucial for the career of an upcoming artist. So, it is concluded that art galleries are helping Indian artists a lot in getting name and fame in the International art market gradually acquiring a place in Abroad.