Everything You Need to Know About the MacBook Air M2

By | July 27, 2022
MacBook Air M2

We have finally reached the end of the classic MacBook era. After fourteen years of design revisions, new processors, and endless amounts of updates – the classic MacBook Air is no more. We are now moving quickly into the new era, as Apple announced the new MacBook Air M2, which will replace the much-loved predecessor.

The best news for fans of the product and of Apple devices will be the fact that almost every feature and component of the old MacBook will be updated and upgraded for the brand-new instalment, meaning that the latest release will provide consumers with the best in class when it comes to the laptop industry.

MacBooks Have Become the Default, So What’s Changing?

Apple has dominated the tech business for the past few decades, and for good reason. Their products are always hardy and reliable while still staying sleek and futuristic. It is a difficult balance to maintain but Apple has always been in the front of the queue when it comes to sheer quality. As such MacBooks have become the default laptop for millions of people from all around the world, and it is imperative that Apple continue on its own trajectory when releasing the new MacBook Air M2. So, what exactly does Apple plan on changing and updating?

Firstly, and most importantly, it should be mentioned that the new MacBook Air M2 will be more expensive than any previous version of the laptop. That is to be expected, especially with all of the software and hardware updates that will be installed on the new devices. In terms of the design of the actual laptop, there are a few positive changes being made. The MacBook Air M2 will have a thinner and more sleek design, making it even easier to transport and carry around. It will have a clearer screen and a much-improved webcam, according to Apple.

Even More Battery And Processing Power

One of the best things about the old MacBooks was the sheer power of their battery. You could play online bingo for real money for hours with no need to plug your laptop in. The new MacBook will look to improve on that even further as the engineers building the laptops claim that the newest device will feature an all-day battery. In addition to the new and improved battery, the MagSafe charging connector that was released for the MacBook Pro 14 will return for the new Air M2, meaning that users will be able to charge the laptop without a cabled charger.

Lastly, it is pertinent to speak about the processing power and speed specifications of the new Air M2. Base models will come installed with 8GB of ram, meaning that the laptop will rival many top-of-the-range desktop computers, in terms of memory speed. It will also come with a 10-core GPU and over 500GB of internal storage. The more expensive models will be come with 16GB of ram, meaning those laptops will be able to perform any function needed.

Overall, the new MacBook Air M2 looks to continue the trend of being the most impressive laptop on the market.