Everything You Need To Know About CEREC Dental Treatment

By | May 24, 2021
Know About CEREC Dental Treatment

Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics (CEREC) is a 3D CAD machine that dentists use to create a ceramic crown, veneer, or onlay fixed over your tooth for treating your damaged tooth.

This technology is a computer-aided design that combines a milling instrument, computer, and a camera into a specific device allowing tooth restorations in the treatment.

Hence, if you’ve been facing issues with regular visits to the dentist, then you would be glad to know that CEREC treatment can be done in a single visit and can save you a lot of time.

Moreover, if you don’t know any particular place for the treatment, you may search for a Cerec dentist near me. It could be helpful for you, and you may get an appointment with a dentist.

Here, we will talk about Cerec Dental Treatment in detail.

What Are CEREC Veneers?

Veneers are thin shells made from resin composite or porcelain which covers your front teeth. They are a perfect alternative to crowns and have a high restoration survival rate.

Thus, veneers are not suitable for damaged or broken teeth. Also, a dentist may use CAD tools for creating ceramic veneers for your teeth.

CEREC Veneers

Advantages Of CEREC

  1. Appearance Of The Crown

Since the CEREC crown does not consist of a metal core, it resembles the teeth’ surroundings and has a natural look. Thus, nobody would notice these in your tooth.

  1. Same Day Process

Getting a CEREC crown over your teeth is not a time taking process. Hence, you will get your crown changed the same day you walk into the dentist’s office, and you won’t have to wait for long hours.

  1. Strength

With the CEREC crown, your dentist can restore the tooth easily. They can effectively resist abrasion and are pretty sturdy. Along with this, you should also go to your dentist to get a new crown repaired.

How Does Cerec Work?

Mentioned below are the steps in which CEREC works

  • Firstly, the dentist creates your tooth for restoration
  • CEREC tools capture a digital picture of the treatment area
  • After that, the image is converted into a 3D virtual model by the machine
  • With the help of input, CEREC prepares final restoration
  • CEREC mill then carefully carves in the exact shape of the ceramic block and specifications of your restorations
  • Then, the dentist examines the restoration to make sure that it properly fits in your mouth
  • The last step is concerned with polishing the CEREC restoration and placing it on your tooth

What Are Other Types Of Dental Crowns?

Apart from the CEREC crown, the other dental crown is composite resin, ceramic, metal, zirconia, combined materials, porcelain, etc.

The Bottom Line

CEREC is the best option for you if you are looking for teeth restoration within a single visit. It is an effective way to treat your tooth. All you need to do is speak to a dentist and know about the different options available to you as per your budget.