Enjoy Trick or Treating with these Oral Health Care Suggestions

By | October 23, 2019
Oral Health Care

Halloween is right around the corner and everyone is preparing for it with full enthusiasm. There are many things that you need to do when making arrangements for the occasion. People wear costumes, cook delicious foods, make drinks and most importantly equip your house with various candies and other sweet treats.

Beware of these Halloween candies

The best thing that children wait for at the arrival of Halloween is eating different verities of candies. But the Emergency Pediatric Dentist warns about the dangers of these sweet delights because they directly affect the teeth. These sweet delicacies are an integral part of the festival but don’t eat too much of the following candies and toffees;

Chewy Sticking candies

When your child eats these chewy candies; they easily stick to the teeth and are not comfortably pulled off. If it is not taken off properly then it can be the cause of cavities. The acid in the candies attacks the enamel and damages it. The ultimate result is the loss of teeth.

Toffees containing caramel

Caramel also comes under the category of sticky food. It is basically made when sugar is melted at different temperatures to get various colors of the finished product. It can be used as toppings on different deserts or mixed with other ingredients to form toffee.

Citrus and sour Treats

Most of the Halloween treats consist of sour flavored confectionaries which is the most dangerous for the teeth. It is a mixture of sugar and citric acid which can damage the teeth more than any other sweet. These can be sticky as well as hard because they are made in various varieties.

Really hard candies

These hard candies have a dual negative effect on the teeth; one is the tooth enamel dissolves because of the acidic content and if the child bites really hard on it then the teeth can either break off or can be chipped as it is solid in eating.

Variety of Chocolate

Chocolates are the least harmful treats the children to eat during Halloween. It has the ability to dilute in the saliva swiftly reducing the harmful effects. The chocolate doesn’t stick on the teeth for long because of the creamy texture. It is surprising to note that chocolate has a few health benefits and the dentists at Pediatric Dentist Tulsaconsider it less dangerous.

Oral Health Suggestions for Halloween

It has been discussed many times that children have a sweet tooth for all types of candies mentioned above. But they are not aware of the dangers that they are exposed to. It is al up to the parents to help them enjoy the trick or treat part of the festival. Here are a few suggestions for the Moms and Dads to keep their child’s teeth safe.

Visit Emergency Pediatric Dentist

The very first thing they can do is take their kid to the dentist before the Halloween season begins. This will give you and the dentist insight on the condition of the teeth that how much candies the child can have. The post-holiday visit is also essential to look at the teeth position.

Eat at the right time

Allow your child to eat candies that he/ she has collected during the meals. Even your kid can eat them after meals. The production of saliva is more when you have proper meals because it helps to digest. This access saliva assists in rinsing away the bad particles.

Not too many Sweets

Keep a constant check on your child about the amount of candies intake. Ask your child’s dentist for the recommended quantity and provide the child with it or allow the mentioned number.

Avoid the Bad ones

It is very difficult for parents to restrain their children from eating candies; especially during Halloween. But all parents in the community can find healthy alternates for the bad candies. Sweets can be made using natural ingredients that are friendly for teeth health.

Maintain a Schedule

You can plan very well in-advance and maintain a schedule of the timing in which you can give your child the sweets. The most interesting part of this holiday is that children go from door to door to collect candies. People can limit the number of candies that they give to children. 

Increase Water Intake

Drinking plenty of water can actually reduce the risk of decay of the tooth. Parents can provide water containing fluoride to help in better care of the teeth. Simple plain water will also wash away the harmful particles.

Eat Healthy Diet

Eating a healthy diet boost the immunity system of the body and improves its various functions. This especially has a positive effect on the gums and teeth. Give healthy food to prepare your child for Halloween.

Adopt Oral Health Activities

It is really necessary that you help your child keep up with the oral health activities that are suggested by the Emergency Pediatric Dentist. Your child must brush the teeth twice a day, use floss especially after eating candies, chewing gum when necessary, use mouthwash and avoid bad habits a much as possible.