Dental Bridge: Is It Natural and Good For Me?

By | October 11, 2021
dental bridge

Dentists recommend the treatment option of a dental bridge to those with several missing teeth. Even if dental bridges are not the only solution to replace the missing teeth, they are still considered one of the most recommended and preferred ways in the dental industry. This treatment option is a natural way of restoring the missing teeth in dental science. However, the restored teeth are artificial.

Tooth Replacement Option

If you have missing teeth, it will affect your overall mouth health. The missing teeth leave space between the teeth to drift, making it challenging to clean properly. If left untreated, it can cause periodontal disease, chewing complications, and bone loss.

Here, the dental bridge treatment option helps use the teeth adjacent to the gaps as the anchors. Through these adjacent teeth, the dentist installs the crown, to which the replacement teeth are attached. Here, your replacement teeth are anchored on any side of the gap while spanning the distance between them. Apart from dental bridges, some other options for missing teeth are dental implants, dentures, and partial dentures.

Dental Bridges: Why It Is Good For You

As the dental bridge is your fixed prosthesis, it ensures an easy-to-maintain, durable, and compatible solution to your natural teeth. You have to simply care for the teeth like your other natural ones. Several patients recommend this treatment to others as they consider it a more permanent option than dentures or partial dentures, which don’t need to be removed at night. You can enjoy the dental bridge option like your natural teeth without fearing losing them. There are several other reasons why it’s good for you, like:

Dental Bridges

  1. Less Expensive Than Implants: The dental bridge treatment option is minimally invasive with no need for that much precision. This means the treatment option costs less than a dental implant. This cost-efficiency can be one significant factor why dental bridges are a good choice for you.
  2. No Need For Bone Grafting: If you have a missing tooth for a while, the jawbone holding its attachment may get weakened and resorbed over time. Here, dentists perform bone grafting, a surgical procedure to strengthen the jawbone by installing artificial bone fragments under the gums. However, this procedure is only needed in dental implants and not bridges. Thus, bridges save you from the need for bone grafting.
  3. Bridges Are Advantageous Than Dentures: Another reason dental bridges are a good option is their advantages compared to dentures. If you have enough healthy teeth left, the dentist will recommend dental bridges instead of dentures. With the dental bridge option, your healthy teeth can perform the role of anchors. On the other hand, dentures need temporary sealants to anchor the gums, which is not a secure option.
  4. Dental Bridge Is A Faster Option Than Others: Dental bridges can be installed faster than dental implants. This mostly happens because there’s no need for bone grafting. The dental bridge can get you done within half an hour or so.

Ending Note

So, get in contact with the best dental care clinic to inquire and undergo the dental bridge option for your missing teeth. Get started today.