Common Box Styles Preferred for Retail Cardboard Boxes

By | August 29, 2019
cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes are commonly used packaging preference for different kinds of retail products. Dry food manufacturing companies, cosmetic brands, apparel businesses, and many others use these boxes for packaging and handling products. Cardboard is a very reliable material that can be die-cut and finished according to desired requirements. This the reason most of the packaging that consumers come across is made out of this stock. Be it display boxes, window boxes, lid, sleeve or any other style; cardboard is used for crafting various packaging layouts. Another perk of using cardboard for retail boxes is the choice of various finishing options, unlike other materials with cardboard you can experiment with a number of customizations.

Sleeve Custom Cardboard Boxes

Sleeve boxes are used for packaging an array of products. Leather items, jewelry pieces, ties, accessories, and so many other products are handed over to customers in these boxes. Sleeve cardboard packaging is very high quality and can be finished with options like embossing, debossing, glossy/matte lamination and more. The finesse and appeal of these boxes is the reason high-end brands use them for adding distinctiveness to their merchandise. The boxes are used for smaller quantity and fragile items as well.

Window Cardboard Box Packaging

Window boxes are laudable for proving customers the convenience to have an overview of the product and make a quick buying decision. Window cardboard boxes are used by bakeries, retailers and other businesses to showcase their products to the potential buyers. The boxes also facilitate the delivery staff to safely carry items to their respective destinations. Any kind of style and size can be die-cut with a window using cardboard. Chocolates, truffles, candies and other similar items are also packaged and displayed using cardboard window packaging.

Gable Cardboard Packaging Boxes

Gable is one of the most well-liked packaging styles, the boxes are used for retail and personal packaging endeavors. Cardboard being resilient of printing materials gives a great finishing touch to this packaging style. The boxes are used by takeaway diners, retailers for packaging products and more. The boxes are so enduring that these are saved by the customers to be used for storing other products. This is the reason brands use them for marketing and boosting sales. There are various sizes of gable cardboard packaging available; a choice can be made based on the product dimensions and other preferences.

Custom Printed Cardboard Boxes with Flap

These are used for packaging and marketing soaps and a number of other products. The flap makes it easier for the customers to open and close the packaging boxes. Biscuits and other easily perishable items are packaged in these boxes. Affordable cardboard boxes wholesale can be printed using professional expertise.

There is a number of printing service providers that claim to have expertise in cardboard packaging printing. You need to make sure that the printer you pick gives you a detailed insight into the material and various customizations. Analyze and compare prices of various printing companies to get an idea on which services, the price varies. Look out for a printer that doesn’t have a too long turnaround time, if you have a deadline discuss it to check if you can get an inexpensive rush printing service. Don’t compromise on the quality of packaging material and inks used in the printing process.