Commercial Pressure Washer- Complete Buying Guide

By | September 18, 2019
Pressure Washer

The commercial pressure washer machines are the biggest and most powerful cleaning machine these days. The commercial pressure washer consists of a strong pump, which powered by an electric motor. This electric motor forces water at high pressure through the nozzle to quickly blast away accumulated grime on surfaces. The commercial pressure washer has been provided the high pounds per square inch, flow rates, and the strong PSI which can deal with just about any cleaning jobs. 

It is also cleaning the decks, driveways, patios, siding, outdoor chairs and more. The average commercial pressure washer provides sprays of water well over up to 3000 pounds per square inch. Now the latest commercial models are more compact, lightweight and top ratings up to 5000 PSI.  It also provides sprays which are mixed with the strong detergents and chemical solvents to deal with tough stains that are not water-soluble. The commercial pressure washers have also available the hot water sprays for cleaning a variety of different surfaces quickly and efficiently.

10 Things to Consideration Before Choosing a Commercial Pressure Washers 

When you have to go to buy a commercial pressure washer you must need to do research or find out the main information about the item. This information will help you to make easy your work. You should consider the product and brands, compared between the similar products also checked the product performances, durability, and support after you buy. This buying guide will help you to easily find out the best commercial pressure washers. Here are the top 10 things which are very important to have knowledge about it.

01. which type of pressure washer you need?

The first things how much power you’ll want and how much money you’ll need to spend. If you are contractors or professional painters you need to invest in a commercial pressure washer which can reach up to 5000 PSI. A commercial pressure washer is always provided much more water pressure, than a power pressure washer.

For homeowners need a power washer. The new model power washer has been available the 3100 PSI ratings. For the car washing, you can use the less powerful gas model or a quality power washer for moderate cleanups. If your budget is low at about $100 or less, you can buy an electric handheld model pressure washer for normal wash such as outdoor furniture and play equipment.

02. Gas vs Electric Pressure Washer

The Electric and Gas pressure washers pressurized the water in a variant way. The biggest difference between electric pressure washer vs gas is speed and strength. You must keep in mind that, the gas-powered washer is louder but produces more power. The price of it is so high. It allows more pressure for bigger areas to clean such as driveways, decks, and homes. While the electric pressure washer is a quitter and delivered on less power. It will good for those who want to clean small areas. The price of an electric pressure washer is low.

03. Hot Water vs Cold Water

It is really interesting things that the cold pressure washer is available at most stores in the market. It is not complicated than the hot water pressure washers. One thing you’ll make happy that is cold pressure washers are very portable and affordable for daily use due to their great portability. The hot pressure washers are more exoteric for the fastest cleaning. It can clean better than cold water because it uses hot water. If you want to clean dirt and grime faster, the hot pressure washer is work faster and effective.

04. PSI & GPM

It is the measurement units of the water pressure and water flow. The pressure washer power strength/ capability is measured by PSI (Pounds per Square) and GPM (Gallon per Minutes). The high PSI has been provided the higher water force and the GPM indicates the higher workflow. So before purchase a pressure washer, you should check out the PSI and GPM power.

05. Different Nozzles Tips:

The different kind of nozzles tips is providing in a different workflow. It will be offered you to clean surfaces by using a variety of spray mists and speeds to complete your jobs. It is started from the Zero-degree pencil point jet to 65 degrees wide spray fan. It has been also available the 15-degrees, 25-degrees, 40 degrees, and the soap applicator nozzle tips. You can use them to suits your needs.

06. Detergent Tanks:

A detergent tank is very helpful to clean up an item which is particularly dirty. It allows you to use a detergent powder and other cleaning agents to remove dirt and derbies from the untidy item. You should use the detergent tanks with carefully because the harsh detergent might occur to damage the system. So, you must attentively read the manual book before using any type of detergent tank or cleaning agent.

07. Quick Connect Capability and Accessory Storage:

Connectivity is the most important things to consider before buying a pressure washer. Quick connectivity makes it very easier to operate to mix and match nozzle attachments.  It also increases efficiency and improves cleaning capability. The accessory storage helps you to easily store in extension cords, spray tips, and others.  This will save on your times for having to look for stray items before you begin your cleaning jobs.

08. The Power

Before you purchase a commercial pressure washer, you need to must-watch the capability of PSI and GPM.  If you choose the third states, which called is CPU (cleaning power units), that will provide the effortless clean. You will never be fooled when you consider these states. According to your needs, you should consider the power of the unit before you buy it. But it is a very clear concept that the CPU (cleaning power units) is the greatest. It is enabled to the washer has for cleaning effectively and even deeper. 

09. Check the Portability

Portability is one of the most important things to consider before choosing a pressure washer. You should choose a pressure washer which is effortless to wheel around and store. Before purchasing a washer, ensure that it is easy to move around. Keep in mind that when you go to work for your customer, don’t make an assumption. We have personally recommended you to use wheels, which are capable of running freely your machine and you can easy to carry it up steps.

10. Warranty

Warranty is the most important things because of a warranty always protected your valuable investment. The top Brands are giving you the warranty for their items. Some of the manufacturers have offered the opportunity to replace the entire product. Most of the pressure washers are come up with a one-year limited warranty but some companies give you a warranty of two or three years. So you should know about the duration of the warranty you are going to get.