Cannot Access mywifiext? You Need to Read This First

By | October 11, 2019
Cannot Access
Cannot Access

When you configure your Netgear WiFi range extender, you have to make a visit to mywifiext web address. There are times when you might receive an error code saying, ‘Sorry, you can’t reach to the page’. It is truly frustrating and the error message just doesn’t go away no matter what you try. But fret not as we have found many workarounds to troubleshoot this issue. Let’s go for it.

First things first, know the reasons why this error comes into view:

It mostly happens because is not a regular internet website. This is just a local web address meant to access the settings of an already installed extender and set up a brand new Netgear device. A local web address refers to settings panel saved on the index file of the firmware. When someone wants to access this web address, they will be taken to this index file. After that, it requires you to enter login details.

Which error do you receive?

When you attempt to visit mywifiext.local web address, different error pop-ups come into sight depending on the web browser you are using. Some of them are as follows:

Google Chrome: Unable to connect to the internet or can’t display the webpage.

Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer: You are not connected to a network or page cannot be displayed.

Apple Safari: Can’t find the server.

Mozilla Firefox: Server not found or Firefox can’t find the server at

Okay! You recognize the errors very well, don’t you? If you see something other than the aforementioned messages, do call our experts and resolve the issue without leaving your couch.

In the case of such error pop-ups, proceed with the following steps to resolve cannot open issue:

Re-check the web address

Be sure that you have entered the correct web address in your internet browser. A wrongly entered web address might lead you to a fraudulent website. To confirm the web URL before entering it. Another common mistake that users commit is that they enter the URL in the search bar instead of the address bar. To be clearer, the address bar is located on the very left side of a browser window whereas the search bar is on the right side.

Confirm if the proper power supply is there

Of course, when you access the setup page, it is mandatory that your extender is turned on. So check the power supplied to it. Keep in mind that the extender must receive good, constant and fluctuation-less power supply. Also, the electrical outlet in which the extender is plugged in should be damage-free.

Delete junk files from a web browser

The next way in our list of troubleshooting tips is to clear junk files such as cookies, history, and cache from the web browser you are using. To do so, click on the menu given in the web browser and clear the history by clicking on the delete option.

Reset the browser

If the problem is not with the history and cookies, try resetting the web browser to default factory settings. All you have to do is simply click on the menu icon in the browser window and select the reset settings option.

Use the latest version of web browser

Chances are that you are using an old version of the web browser which doesn’t support So it is better to update the browser to the newest version.

Check wired connections

If you use a wired connection to connect to the network, check if there are loose connections. If any, make that tight as well as precise.

Now you will be easily able to access the web address for setting up the extender. Just use the correct mywifiext password and continue with the setup or configuration process. For further queries, you can get in touch with our experienced tech executives via a phone call, email or online chat.