Best Gadgets That Might Come In Handy During the Coronavirus Outbreak

By | May 7, 2020

In the current situation due to the Coronavirus outbreak, people are getting panicked throughout the world.

There are different devices and apparel that have come up as a result of human innovation and the use of technology.

Users can use different simple and high-tech gadgets like a smart wand that gets you relief from pain and devices that monitor different vital signs and perform other functions that help users to help people stay on a healthy routine.

Many gadgets out there enable patients to manage their chronic conditions while other gadgets are there to help medical professionals and are quite easy to carry and easy to use.

Here are a few things that you can have a look at: 

TytoHome Remote Exam Kit

The device is a remote exam kit that allows users to conduct a medical exam of themselves by staying at home.

It provides results based on some basic variables and becomes one of the handy tools that you can use during the coronavirus outbreak.

The device is an outstanding medical and health gadget that can be paired using a teleconferencing application that connects users with a certified healthcare provider so that you can get a consultation from almost anywhere in the world.

You can get a diagnosis, treatment plans, and drug prescriptions without even going outside.

The device has a digital camera and a thermometer, a few other things that might come in handy and complete your at-home diagnostic kit.

These include accessories like an otoscope for your ears, a stethoscope for your heart, abdomen, and lungs and a tongue depressor for your throat. 

A Personal EKG

This handy mobile EKG monitor by AliveCor, which is also FDA-cleared allows you to keep track of your heart and the overall health of your heart as well at any place and at any given time.

You can get a couple up the gadget with an application that delivers you a medical-grade electrocardiogram to your smartphone with a small period of 30 seconds.

It is very handy and very simple to use. You can get the app using Xfinity triple play deals for flawless operations.

Portable Gluten Tester

The gadget is designed by a startup called the 6SensorLabs and is one of the first portable gluten detectors.

You can use the gadget using a proprietary app that allows users to track and share data with other users as well.

The pocket-sized sensor is a lifesaver for people who are allergic to gluten or have some sort of celiac disease.

Smart Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

This can one of the most useful gadgets that you can have. There are tons of amazing water bottles out there that you can use but none of them can become as useful for you as the LARQ, the first smart self-cleaning water bottle.

It uses the UV-C LED light and is an exquisite device made of stainless steel. It not only purifies the drinking water in less than a minute but also cleans itself within 2 hours when you click the button.

There is a special function of the bottle called the “Adventure mode” that gets activated if press the button more than once.

It triggers a three-minute water-purification cycle that is very useful for people who want to drink water from rivers or any other man-made resource.

The purification system is operated using a rechargeable battery that gives you a functional time of about 1 to 2 months.

You can keep your water or any other beverages cold for a day or so and hot for half the day thanks to the double-wall insulation.

GLO Teeth Whitener

The teeth whitener by GLO Science is a high-tech teeth whitening device.

It uses G.L.O or Guided Light Optic technology to deliver long-lasting, professional, and some amazing results to users who want to use the device at home or while you are traveling.

The device is powered by a controller that looks more like an iPod and is very compact in use.

It requires the user to apply the device for an 8 to 10-minute session on a daily basis to get you 5 shades whiter in around 5 days.

The kit also comes with everything that you need to get you efficient, long-lasting teeth with no sensitivity.


You can select from any of these amazing gadgets that can help you get through the Coronavirus outbreak keeping in mind that you should maintain hygiene and practice Social Distancing at the same time.

The gadgets mentioned would help you avoid getting out even for medical consultation or any other urgent need but if you should straightaway consult an expert if you are sick or find any of the symptoms of COVID-19 so that it can be cured when it is in the initial stages.