Are you Trying to Crack the Secret of a Successful Hunting for Ducks?

By | October 12, 2019
Hunting for Ducks

Do you also believe duck hunting is the most beautiful experience one can have while getting so close to nature? Some people do try different tricks and tips in order to get the experience of motion duck decoys smoothly. Have you ever tried to avoid shaving so it becomes easy for you to bled in the environment? Although you don’t really need to put yourself out there at this ineffective or too strenuous tips when hunting waterfowls.

A good Waterfowl jacket is always your safe and secure option in order to avoid any problem during your duck hunting experience. To secure your duck hunting experience it is always a safe decision to invest somewhere worthwhile.

How am I going to help you out?

Do you think it is going to be easy for you to deal with educated ducks who are so smart to study your every move?

Well if you plan your journey with an effective and efficient approach things can get a lot easier. I can help you out with some simple tricks and tips that should be on your fingertips.

Your rescue pointers:

1-Always make sure that decoy matches with the look of the duck.

2-You need to be very accurate with the timing of calls.

3-Master the mechanics of shotgun before you start your duck hunting experience.

4-Camaflouging yourself is very essential and crucial so you don’t end up freaking the ducks out.

5-Always make a practice of hunt with the wind behind you.

6-Play smart moves and tactics on the water without disturbing or giving any hint to the ducks.

7-Pay attention to every fine and micro-detail.

8-Ensure your decoy is as visible as possible.

9-Your load’s inscription needs to be as readable as possible.

10-You must not forget to open up the area around your decoy.

11-Do don’t suffocate or exhaust the ducks give them some space & room to land.

12-You must be well equipped to operate the calling equipment’s

13-Try to keep your calling equipment’s as clean as possible.

14-You must very wisely and efficiently plan to make ducks believe as if they are landing on sheet water.

Understand the dynamics of successful duck hunting:

1-Study the behavior of Waterfowls

If you are someone new to this experience and there are very high chances that you are unaware of the behavioral pattern and the dynamics of ducklings. This might be the reason you will be failing the first few attempts of your ducking hunt.

Being a beginner if you really want to experience the best hunting adventure you must be very patient and observantly need to keep your hunting gear away for a while and watch how waterfowls actually socialize, feed, play, and mate. As per the Real tree, the first approach any waterfowl hunter must adopt is being a naturalist. Even expert hunters tend to spend hours identifying the depth of the water in order to find a suitable time to begin.

Breeding Behavior plays a significant role:

Pay attention to breeding behavior since it is the major turning point in calling tactics. You need to understand the complete behavioral dynamics apart from what ducks do, I spent me exploring why they do it. The surprising discovery for me was that most of the ducks do prefer the small insects at certain specific times in the year and also seeds/grains at other times.

2-Ensure your decoy matches with your duck look:

Since after having a thorough discussion I have explained how different varies and forms of waterfowl are found. If we get specific, we have pintail, mallard, widgeon, and gadwall. I came to know that these birds love to stay together. You must place the real size duck decoy very effectively around the specific area with respect to the type of waterfowl stays. I can help you out with few effective examples of strategic spots that are sand bars, shallows, water edges, logs, ice patches, raised branches and frozen shorelines.

3-Timing of call plays a very significant role:

In order to learn the dynamics of call and explore how ducks call each other, you must be very patient and study their behavior very patiently. I practice spending time at different seasons of the year in order to learn the timing pattern. The basic sound dynamics has entire reasoning the sound of their call depends on the reason they are calling. You must master the art of understanding the calling pattern this helps for a successful hunting experience.

4- Don’t forget to camouflage yourself:

As per my own personal experience Ducks are very observant and they will notice the slightest change in their natural habitat. Make sure you have camouflage yourself ad you are well-equipped. Learn the colors and appearance of the ground. Put efforts and smart decisions while assembling your local material i.e. stalks, reeds, weeds and branches from the possible nearby vegetation. Waterfowls are very sharp they will only land on their respective terrains that resembles their actual surrounding. Make every move very carefully and thoughtfully.

While starting to camouflage with meticulous body paint don’t forget to cover your face, hands and other visible parts of the body. You must be very careful while taking any next move to keep this in mind you must not scare the birds away before catching them.

5-Master the art of handling a shotgun:

If you are a pro hunter you must know how to handle and operate shotguns but if you are new you must learn how to handle it effectively. You really need to ensure that you are able to fire your shotgun and manage another round that too before you loose track of your target.

If you think the sound of fire is going to distract you must not forget to carry an earmuff in order to muzzle the distracting sounds.

6-Rule of thumb Hunt with the wind behind you:

You must know and understand the mechanism pattern of birds the position of the decoy is very important aspect what I learned from my personal experience is the decoy must be always on the edge of the shooting range so that the first shot will take you to the middle of the range. Since as per my observation and learning most of the birds will fly downwind the second, they sense danger or a sign of warning.

You must very smartly place your spread in a position where ducks decoy in a crossing angle to the blind. Thus, your blinds will be less noticeable to ducks and they might eventually land on the blinds.

7-Be playful with water tactics:

As per my personal experience and observation, the outdoor life states that clear water looks and gives a more unnatural feel for ducks when flying by You must get creative or thoughtful while making the water muddy using feet as a paddle to give it a more natural look.

8-Pay attention to possible tiny details:

Usually, the hunting gears I worked and experienced gives a very shiny and eye-catching effect. This is the indication of warning for ducks since they have experienced many shooting encounters in the past as well. Their lives, lifestyle, and practices don’t involve anything shiny so it is always a safe option to avoid or to cover it up properly.

9-Master the art of calling equipment:

Now the art and experience of duck hunting are so advanced and modernized that certain very classy and sophisticated equipments have been developed. You must master the operation of each piece of equipment and the art of mastering the perfect timing as well.

10-Make sure your calling equipment’s are clean:

If you are a beginner hunter you are going to encounter many fail attempts and you will be learning new tricks and tips as per your experiences. Successful duck hunting entirely depends on appropriate calling. The relation of successful calling entirely depends on the maintenance of your calling equipment. Since was working with all the organic materials around me in order to make it look more natural and real my equipments were getting dirty very quickly. Hence perfect maintenance is required in order to avoid any disturbance while you are enjoying your duck hunting experience. Hygiene is an important element so you don’t end up getting sick or any viral infection. Keep yourself safe from all these unwanted troubles.


For the beginners, it is a lot of information to absorb and implement while you are in action out there in the field but if you don’t want your excitement and hunt to go in vein you must learn from my personal experience. Making a proper list of things you must be carrying and highlighting the does and don’t can save your time and disappointment while you are at the hunt.

You must not give up if things don’t fall back in place always remember when you in dirt out there you must have the courage to learn from your mistakes and this is from where I picked up and enjoyed my successful duck hunt.

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