Are You Applying Your Vitamin C Serum Correctly?

By | August 18, 2019

As you use any beauty product, it is important to apply the product correctly. In many cases, individuals are using serums or other skincare products and are not seeing results. This is due to not applying the serum correctly. You can have the best vitamin c serum on the market, and if you apply it wrong, you will not reap the benefits. Learn more about applying serums the correct way to ensure you are going to see a change in your skin.

Applying Serums

Unlike traditional lotions or creams, serums are highly concentrated products. Because the product is so concentrated, you only need to apply two to three drops per application. Products like vitamin c serums need to be applied with two to three drops in the morning and evening hours. Basically, you need to use the product twice a day to see results.

Simply place the drops of serum on your fingertips and apply the product to your face. To be able to see the benefits of the Timeless serum, you will need to apply the serum on a daily basis. If you use the product irregularly, the components are not able to do their job, so you will not see results.


Having a quality skincare regimen is all about consistency. Your skin will change when you use a vitamin c serum, becoming more even in skin tone as well as firmer and moisturized. But this will only happen if you use the product on a regular basis. You can’t just apply it every now and then and expect to see results.

The serum needs to be used in the morning and at night every day for results to be seen. When you treat the skin with the same vitamin c product each day, your skin reacts to the solution. It begins to change and adapt based on the product you are using.

If you use the serum for a few months and stop, your skin can revert back to its old ways. Only regular application of such products will ensure that your skin changes for the better, staying healthy and looking it’s very best.

One Step Further

If you want to take the application process once step further, begin to use a derma roller. A derma roller is a product that has a small roller head with tiny needles. You roll the tool over your face and tiny channels are created. Use your product on the face after the channels have been made and your skin will instantly soak in the vitamin c product.

This helps your skin to react better to the product and to maximize your results. You don’t need to use the derma roller every day but adding it to your routine will ensure that your skin is benefiting from the products you are using.

Think about how you are applying your skincare products, particularly serums, and if you are being effective with your application. It can be easy to forget to wash your face after a rough day at work. Think of ways to help remind yourself, such as mobile phone alerts, so you can continue to care for your skin, applying products correctly and enjoying the benefits that your serums are providing.

Because taking care of your skin is the most difficult job for working women along with that if you face the problem of applying skincare products correctly make it more difficult. So you always prefer those brand which had clear instructions on their product that how you can apply them on your skin. Because if a company doesn’t tell you the right way to use their product then who else going to tell you. Because these companies have great research on these products before launching them in the market and they are the only one who knows how to apply them to get the best results. So always prefer those brand who know their product well. It will make easier for you to get the maximum result out of the product.

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