Accelerated Orthodontics – New Steps to Dental Industry

By | October 12, 2019
Dental Industry

Healthcare today is rapidly changing – new techniques, medicines, diagnostics, procedures and the integration of technology. Talking of dentistry, orthodontics has undergone lots of recent updates and advances. One such advance is accelerated orthodontics. Among the many mind blocks orthodontic patients have towards beginning treatment, one common one is the fact that “braces take too long to correct my teeth”. This is a known fact too! Traditional braces take anything between 2-5 years to complete based on the complexity of the case. However, there are a few cases that take lesser time.

To try and do away with the long treatment times in orthodontics, accelerated orthodontics have made their way! But, what is accelerated orthodontics? It is a new field of orthodontics that has been researched for over 20 years and allows teeth to be moved safely four times faster than normal, thereby reducing treatment times to 6-18 months. This type of treatment is also called as fast braces because this moves teeth faster. Some common systems that are used in accelerated orthodontics are the PROPEL system and the AcceleDent system.

What Makes This Treatment Faster?

In routine orthodontic treatment using traditional braces, the wires placed by the orthodontist applies pressure on the teeth and forces them to move into alignment. As simple as this sounds, it actually isn’t. When your orthodontist applies force on your teeth to move them, the teeth transfer this pressure to the underlying bone in which they are lodged. This force causes the bone around your teeth to remodel and make space for the teeth to move. This bone remodelling process is the main reason braces take long because it depends largely upon the patient’s bone density and his/her healing potential.

However, in accelerated orthodontics, techniques and methods are used to stimulate or activate the bone to remodel faster thereby, moving the teeth faster. This type of treatment uses regular orthodontic devices such as metal or ceramic braces, clear aligners or lingual braces and combines it with minor surgical procedures. There are many systems of accelerated orthodontics that are used and each of them uses a different method to reduce treatment time in orthodontic cases.

The Pros and Cons of Accelerated Orthodontics

Accelerated orthodontics has clear advantages – to reduce the treatment times within safe limits of tooth movement. Apart from the already known advantages of getting your teeth aligned with braces, accelerated orthodontics has other benefits as well:

  • The bone remodelling can repair any existing structural deformities
  • Increase the bulk of the bone can which improves facial aesthetics
  • Fewer extractions are needed
  • Better stability of the bone structure
  • Can be explored as an alternative option to orthodontic surgery

Is Accelerated Orthodontics for Me?

Can anyone and everyone choose to get treated using accelerated orthodontics? Not really! Accelerated orthodontics involves the application of stronger forces, within safety limits, on the teeth in order to move them quickly as compared to traditional braces that apply standard forces. Therefore, accelerated orthodontics is strictly meant for adults.

Apart from this, some essential requirements that an individual needs to fulfil before being considered as a candidate for accelerated orthodontics are:

  • All permanent teeth must have erupted in the mouth
  • Good oral hygiene conditions
  • No underlying bone or gum diseases
  • The treatment is not contraindicated in a patient due to any other reason as per the orthodontist

So, if you fulfil all the necessary requirements, you may be a good candidate for accelerated orthodontics.

The orthodontists of the company are very well experienced that they undergo many processes to select the correct aligner according to the teeth position or teeth reshaping. The Dentists or orthodontists first analyze the problem, the alignment of the teeth and then select the right solution for you. Your dentists study the problem of your teeth like you are facing which type of malocclusion like spacing, teeth structure crowding, crossbite, overjet, overbite etc.

However, in Delhi, this clear aligner process is not so much popular and even many Delhins are unaware of the word clear Braces. But, according to my personal experience, I think that these clear aligner braces are much better than metal braces.

Invisible Braces Cost in Mumbai Start From Rs. 60,000 to Rs. 1,50,000

Does Accelerated Orthodontics Have Any Drawbacks?

As a matter of fact, yes. Accelerated orthodontics is extremely new and this is the biggest drawback of this orthodontic treatment. Though there are enough evidence and research to show that this orthodontic treatment is safe, there is not much that talks about its long-term prognosis. Apart from this, other drawbacks of this system include:

  • Frequent appointments to the orthodontist (more than that required by traditional treatment options)
  • They are not for everyone and for all cases
  • Dental insurance, if at all available, will not cover accelerated orthodontic treatments

How Else Can I Accelerate my Orthodontic Treatment?

If you thought this is the only way to accelerate your treatment, you are wrong. Clear braces or clear aligners are also considered fast braces and the patient is advised to wear them all throughout the day and remove only during eating. By following instructions and regularly wearing the aligners, your teeth will move faster.

Good quality clear aligners like those from 32 Watts are durable, efficient and extremely comfortable to the wearer. With the accuracy with which they are made, they have always given successful results. Apart from this, there are modernised metallic braces that are designed in a way that larger forces can be safely applied to them to bring about tooth movement quickly.

So, are you up for the accelerated orthodontics revolution yet?