A Complete Information about Student Visa including Financial Requirements

By | September 21, 2019
student visa

Student life is a good phase in anyone’s life. In that phase only, one gathers the duo of knowledge intertwined with the much sought after wisdom. Coming to think of it, why the youngsters want to pursue their education in Australia instead of doing it in their own nation? It is a well-known fact that at present Australia ranks third only to be behind the U.S and UK as a popular study destination. International students envisage Australia as a destination and throng to have Subclass 500 Student Visa in their hands. It is a point to be thoroughly explored further.

Cause and effect:

Students go beyond the realms of nationalism with a definite reason or cause. Australia beckons them for it can synchronize with their concerns like –

  • Two ‘Q’s of education
  • Quality – At present, 80 schools are internationally accredited. This is for knowledge acquisition with comprehension up to the level of wisdom to the point of application. The quality of education is ensured with the curriculum and Assessment and Reporting Authority in place.
  • Quantity -Diversity in education is ensured. In terms of quantity, there is a wide spectrum of 29 study areas available in Australia. It includes right from high school programs up to the postgraduate level. The official Australian Government website studyinaustralia.gov.au gives updated information about the courses, institutions, and scholarships
  • Safety

Australia welcomes international students with an open heart. It is prudent to safeguard their own interests as anyone will do even if it is their own country. The first thing is to know – 

  •  that 000 is the emergency dial number
  •  Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an encrypted connection that can be used. It keeps the device and its data safe from any possible hacking. It also helps to keep in touch with family and friends
  • Financial constraints

 Previous knowledge about monetary needs is

  • course fee
  • AUD 18,000 per year living costs and
  • return air fee

With this scenario in view, both the Australian Government and Universities offer many scholarships. A list of such scholarship can be had from scholars4dev.com

Ameliorating all these concerns of causes an effective atmosphere for international students to choose Australia as their study destination.

Student Visa Information:

International Students have choices of subclasses to choose from like – i) Subclass 500 ii)subclasses 600, 601 and 651 for shorter study periods iii) Subclasses 417 and 462 for short study period with working Holiday Visa and iv) Subclass 485 for Temporary Graduation

Detailed and updated information about all the above can be had from the Department of Home Affairs website

Student Visa Adelaide:

The essentials for Student Visa Adelaide obtainment are as follows:

One must understand that –

  • Simplified student visa framework is available for applicants for the University of Adelaide
  • Applicant must satisfy the University about – i) genuine student nature ii) the presence of support system financially iii) the ability to self meet for all expenses without any expectation for the pavement of tuition fees from the University
  • One must have a valid Confirmation of Enrolment(CoE) before applying for a student visa
  • The University will issue a CoE only when the conditions in the offer letter are fulfilled
  • Must first have an ImmiAccount and then apply online
  • Must be ready to provide any additional information as needed by the Department of Home Affairs
  • This additional information may be for the purpose of verification of – i)  financial potential and ii) Australia entry reasons
  • Students aged below 18 should have prior – i) plan to live with a relative residing in Adelaide or ii) approved care arrangements in University
  • Have enough attendance and show progress in academics
  • Complete the course within the envisaged period of the program
  • The grant letter is comprehended in totality
  •  Multiple entries are possible during the student visa time
  • Must be able to prove the Genuine Temporary Entry condition

Best Migration Agent in Adelaide:

Any search for the best help in immigration issues ends with the best migration Consultant Adelaide. There is no need to look further as they-

  • Maintain their lead in the immigration and visa consultancy department
  • Have earned the trust of their clients through – i) their expertise ii) experience and energetic hand holding methods
  • Have  agents with proper registration under the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA)
  • Have in-depth knowledge of all the subclasses
  • Do not leave their clients in the lurch in case of visa refusal
  • Are available 24×7 for discussion


Anyone can come to an understanding that Australia is the second-highest in the Education Index as per the UN’s Human Development Publication in 2018. Students who have graduated are creating an impression wave about the Australian education system. Prudent to apply for a visa well enough in time as it may take 4 months or sometimes more to process.