A Beginner’s Guide To Woodworking

By | June 29, 2022

Woodworking isn’t just a great hobby – it’s also a vocation and means to an income to many people.

The art of woodworking spans an infinite number of projects: from building tables and chairs, to constructing cabinets and even trusses for houses and other buildings.

What’s more, it’s a craft that allows the woodworker to explore a myriad of ideas creative techniques, which makes of it a creative and relaxing outlet.

About Woodworking

Along with leather, wood was one of the very first materials used by humans to create tools, utensils, and by early man, even idols. As such, it has always been an important part of human civilisation.

As human life continued to advance, so did the craft of woodwork. Today, woodworkers use ultra-modern technology to build and create more advanced methods.

Common Terminology

When first starting out on your woodworking journey, you’ll encounter a variety of phrases used to describe common techniques.

Below is a brief description to help you get familiar with the terminology:

  • This is a process that involves the smoothing of wood in order to remove excess and unwanted materials from the surface. Planing is typically achieved by making use of either a hand tool or an electric planer tool.
  • Jointing is the process whereby the edges of boards are prepared in order for multiple pieces to be glued (connected) together. Jointing can be applied to both flat surfaces and slanting joints.
  • Sawing forms part of nearly every woodworking project. A variety of saws are used in woodworking, including circular saws for cutting straight lines, handsaws for simpler tasks, table saws for precision-cutting, chainsaws for hardier projects, and jigsaws for creating curves.
  • A drill is used to create holes using a bit. The woodworker can spin the bit both clockwise and anti-clockwise, depending on the need and angle. The type of bit used will depend on the project at hand, as well as the hardness of the wood being used.
  • Just like the term suggests, gluing is the process of using an adhesive to join two or more pieces of wood together.
  • This is a finishing technique used to smooth the surface of the wood. Sanding is achieved by using sandpaper.

Common Tools

Tools used in woodworking are necessary to shape, join, and create a smooth and finished product.

Like the games available at a no deposit online casino, in woodworking, there is an endless variety of options. Below are some of the more common ones and a description of what they’re typically used for:

  • These are essential when joining together two or more pieces of wood. They work either as a vice or merely as an extra set of “holding” hands.
  • A chisel is a tool with a sharpened metal blade connected to a handle for easy control. There are many types of chisels available to woodworkers, including pairing chisels, mortise chisels, and bench chisels.

Sanders. When using sandpaper, sanders make the job of smoothing only that much more effective and effortless. Every woodworker needs a good-quality power sander for getting the job done.