8 Medicinal Plants Good for Your Health

Medicinal plants are plants which have a plethora of properties to protect you from numerous kinds of diseases. Do you know there are some medicinal plants which are quite beneficial for you if you use them regularly in your diet? Well, this article brought to you with a quick idea of some of the most popular herbal plants which can help you stay fit and healthy all the time without putting an extra effort. Some of them are listed below which will definitely make you take their advantages and keep yourself healthy always.


Chamomile flowers have long been used as a natural medicine to cure various diseases like diabetes, cancer, menstrual pain, cold, etc. A cup of tea made up of dried Chamomile flower is quite beneficial for every men and woman who are suffering from continuous mental stress and anxiety.

Aloe Vera

From ancient times, you all know about the wide range of uses and benefits of Aloe Vera plant in various ways. For women, it works as a highly-effective beauty product and men love to drink Aloe Vera juice on a regular basis to stay energized for the whole day.


Whether you are suffering from cold or nausea, ginger can be used as a sure shot herbal medicine to provide you instant relief. It contains a substance called Gingerol which is quite effective in diseases like muscle pain, heart diseases, menstrual cramps, etc.

Basil Plant

Basil plant is one of the most reliable medicinal plants in India on which you can rely on quick relief from cough, cold, throat infection, and so on. Additionally, chewing tulsi leaves every morning can protect you from headache, flu, viral, etc.


Mint is an herbal plant which is mostly used in the Indian kitchen to make food more delicious and healthy. From indigestion to the common cold, mint is always required to cure diseases effortlessly. Taking a sip of fresh mint tea is enough to reduce aches and anxiety.

Curry Plant

Curry leaves have all the necessary properties which are required to protect yourself from so many diseases, damaging of free radicals in the human body, and so on. The presence of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial properties also helps you stay beautiful and attractive.

Pomegranate Plant

Pomegranate fruit contains all the vitamins, protein, fiber, potassium, etc. which are enough to feed your body on a regular basis. The pomegranate leaves are also edible which is commonly used in salads to make your food healthier and tastier. In addition, Pomegranate juice also removes free radicals and reduce inflammation.

Coriander Plant

Coriander plant has multiple health benefits that’s why it is used to cure aches, fever, cold, cough, kidney-related diseases, etc. If you are looking for an edible plant which contains a rich amount of vitamins, protein, calcium, and phosphorous, then use coriander in your food regularly and stay free from diseases.

So, these are some of the herbal plants which have a plethora of health benefits that you can avail by using them on a daily basis.