8 Ayurvedic Tips To Control Diabetes

By | November 13, 2019
Control Diabetes
Control Diabetes

Diabetes has become a disease that can be found in any part of the world and sadly is affecting all age groups. The two most common things that are increasing these days are the side effects caused and the range of insulin resistance in the people who opt for the use of modern-day medications for treating diabetic problems.

All of this leads to seeking substitutes and different alternatives where diabetes treatment in Ayurveda has higher importance and applications. Ayurveda medicates diabetes by drugs, diet plans, bio-purification methods, and exercises.  For ayurvedic treatment like Diabetes, you can consult with Nirogam Ayurveda. Click here to know more about their online doctor consultation process.

Being a diabetic impedes and demotivates the capability of your body to answer the insulin which results in unusual metabolism of carbs, which automatically becomes the cause for increasing blood sugar levels in the body.

Today, diabetes is classified amongst one of the most common and universal diseases in the world. For diabetic patients, scaling down blood sugar levels does not become a one day’s job; it becomes a long term goal. Many doctors accept the fact that it persistently helps to hold or cut down many types of complications caused by diabetes which includes kidney, eye, and nerve diseases, for instance, minor neuropathy.

There are a number of ways that will help you to keep diabetes in control along with the ill-timed blood sugar level changes that keep on occurring regularly.

Ayurveda offers various and effective tips and advice that are beneficial for our well being.

1.  Drinking An Ample Amount Of Water

Drinking water in a copper vessel has been proved to be healthy for the overall working of the human body since ancient times. Keeping the water in a copper vessel purifies it and this water is called Tamara Jal.

Diabetic patients have a higher chance of getting dehydrated as the kidneys require fluid consumption to get rid of the glucose in the body. If the body doesn’t have enough water, the kidneys utilize the other fluids present in the body to keep functioning and hence it leads to dehydration.

The kidneys require an ample amount of water to pass out the excess glucose in the body. Thus, the higher the sugar levels of your body, the more intake of water is required.

2.  Fenugreek

The common household herb fenugreek, which is used almost every day in our kitchens comes with great beneficial properties. It not only controls and keeps the sugar levels in check, but also improves glucose tolerance in the body, and lowers down the sugar levels.

3.  Mango Leaves

Including mango leaves as a part of your diet can work wonders to control your diabetic problems as they are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C.

Change your normal glass of water in the morning with mango leaf water. Add 15 fresh mango leaves in one glass of water and give it a good boil, then leave it overnight. Mango leaves contain Tannins that help to treat the initial stages of diabetes and regulate insulin levels in the blood.

4.  Tulsi

Increasing the intake of antioxidants in your everyday diet helps to cut down stress levels which results in low sugar levels. Consumption of the extract of Tulsi leaves in an empty stomach in the morning helps to curb blood sugar levels and keep them in control as they help your body detox, reduce hypertension, and prevents excess weight gain.

5.  Amla

Amla contains plentiful vitamin C which advances the proper functioning of the pancreas. Around two spoonfuls of Amla extract with a pinch of turmeric (optional) in a glass of water, every day will eliminate the noxious substances from the body and increase metabolism which will balance the sugar levels of the body.

6.  Cinnamon Powder

Cinnamon powder is considered a substantial home remedy that has proven to be quite effective for diabetic problems. Mixing about 2-4 spoonfuls of cinnamon powder in a liter of water will increase insulin sensitivity in the body and also improve the glucose intake by the cells.

7.  Curry Leaves

Chewing about ten curry leaves daily in the morning will have a strong impact on the rising sugar levels in the body and help them reduce as they are packed with antioxidants that block the oxidation of cholesterol and keeps it under control and naturally boost the insulin activity of the body. It also keeps cholesterol under control and reduces the risk of obesity.

8.  Correct Spices And Herbs

Choosing your spices wisely will for sure make a positive difference in your health and as there are many spices and herbs which help to fight diabetes, you can make good use of them by including them in your diet.

For example adding ginger and tulsi to your morning tea as it contains anti-diabetic properties, including garlic in your meals helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, counting in aloe vera in your health drinks to control and decrease sugar levels and blood lipids (fats) body.

If you wish to adapt to an Ayurvedic way to fight diabetes, make sure you take guidance from renowned or experienced ayurvedic experts in order to gain more knowledge about the various natural remedies Ayurveda has to offer for dealing with not only diabetes but many other ailments.

Taking preventive measures to fight diabetes is quite necessary. If you practice the above tips and tricks and include them in your daily routine, it will definitely help you overcome your diabetes as well as a number of physical and mental problems as well!