7 questions you need to ask yourself before choosing a social media marketing course!

By | January 30, 2020

Are you interested in attending a social media marketing course? Most probably, by now you would have already started looking online for the best social media marketing course in Karachi. Have you noticed hundreds of agencies and institutes offering the courses with each claiming to offer the best and most comprehensive course?

So, how do you choose the best social media marketing course?

Well, that mainly depends upon various factors. Below we have come up with some important questions that you should answer before signing up for any particular course.

1. What specifically you want to learn about social media marketing?

See, just like the SEO course of Google PPC training, social media marketing is an expansive and integrated field with various branches and sub-branches. That’s one reason why you’re probably seeing so many agencies offering different courses. So, before you sign-up with any particular course, ask yourself what exactly is that you want to learn about the field.

Also, choose a course that is according to your level of understanding. For example, if you are a beginner, only sign-up for courses offered for beginners. There are courses that claim to cover all levels of social media marketing (beginners to expert); it’s better to stay away from such courses, especially as a beginner.

2. How much time you can pull-out for the training?

That’s yet another important question to ask yourself, because if you are a professional or a business owner, you probably won’t have much time to attend social media marketing courses in Karachi, physically (even though attending courses physically comes with most benefit and learning outcomes). You can also check out different courses for customized training programs (shorter version) that fits well with your time restraints.

3. Where are you located? 

Of course, if you are located in larger cities like Karachi, you probably would have access to multiple credible agencies offering social media marketing courses and that they should be able to attend one course in physical. However, for those who live away from urban centers in rural settings, probably online courses are the best option. Various platforms are offering online social media marketing courses that can be attended by everyone and continued at their desired pace.

4. What is the profile of the social media marketing trainer?

Perhaps, this is one of the most important aspects to check out. While there is no lack of professionals claiming to be social media marketing experts, very few have the experience, expertise, and skills to be designated as the master trainers for a social media marketing course. 

Moreover, it’s important to question if the trainer also offers social media marketing services to businesses. That’s important because just like SEO or Google PPC training social media marketing is a highly dynamic field that continuously evolves and only a person who actively serves the industry will have the latest techniques and tools to deliver it to students. 

5. What about post-training follow-up? 

It’s a sad situation when you aren’t able to contact your trainer once the course is finished. As we said above, social media marketing is a dynamic field and there’s always a chance that you may need some help from your trainer down the line. And if you aren’t able to reach or contact your trainer, it’s a shame. Thereby, before signing up for a course, ask them for the follow-up period and policy. Ask them if you can still get in touch with them to understand any particular aspect of the course, six months down the line?

6. What’s the training cost? 

The price of a social media marketing course in Karachi may vary from agency to agency and with the course content. Most training spans across 4 weeks with weekend classes, which impacts the final cost of the training. However, as a general rule, you should compare the course costs offered by multiple institutes. Also, never sign-up for a long course (beginner to expert), rather register stepwise, so you can always switch to other agencies, if not satisfied with the current one.

7. What are the views of past students?

Lastly, before you sign-up for a social media marketing course, just make sure to ask a few alumni about their experience with the agency. You can also check out the reviews and ratings of the agency online over third-party review sites. Although, the best and most credible method is to talk to the previous students and get their opinions about the value and credibility of the course.