6 Tips to Live Well with Arthritis

Your joints are swollen, you are unable to walk, you are unable to apply pressure using your hands, seasonal changes turn your joints blue and you become unable to move.

It isn’t difficult to tell how unfair life seems to you. You are not alone in this. Millions of people around the world are suffering from this disease that’s a slow killer. Not only adults but children can also get affected by arthritis.

Arthritis- A Painful Condition to Live With

Arthritis, a common health problem that is usually characterized by painful and inflamed joints. Suffering from the disease comes with its fair share of mental and physical health challenges and unfortunately, these are never likely to discontinue, according to a renowned bone health specialist from Ashfaq Memorial Hospital.

Arthritis is a general term that refers to a group of similar diseases with hundreds of possible reasons. No matter what’s your cause, you are forced to live a miserable life after an arthritis diagnosis. 

How to Live Well with Arthritis?

You often hear people telling you to eat food that is nutritionally sufficient and add aloe vera like foods to your diet, wearing medicated shoe supports or doing a particular type of exercise. Be mindful that you can even live a normal life while suffering from arthritis. There are certain life habits that can help you to live well with arthritis. 

1- Keep moving 

When it comes to arthritis pain, physical activity is known to be a great help. A sedentary lifestyle can make your arthritis worse and make it difficult to live with the disease. No matter what walk of life you belong to, it is better to ensure a good amount of physical activity. You can take frequent breaks while working and stretch from time to time to keep your joints working. 

2- Avoid stressing out your joints

There are certain activities that can make your joints stressed that ultimately make your joints pain and swelling worse. To avoid this kind of joint pressure, it is recommended to avoid stressing out your joints. Use tools to open up lids and don’t use your joints too much to aid your joints perform better. 

3- Know more about your disease

Disease treatment begins when both the sufferer and physician are part of disease treatment and disease management. As an arthritis sufferer, it isn’t enough to visit your doctor regularly, but at the same time, one should be aware of its own health conditions. Knowing about what triggers your pain, having prior knowledge about the treatment options, considering joint healthy foods, all these things enable a patient to make informed decisions about his health resulting in better disease management. 

4- Notice how your body responds

Whenever your physician switches your treatment plan and adds anything new to your existing routine, be mindful to see how your body responds to these changes. This can surely help you to understand your body’s response and make informed decisions regarding your health. Note down or discuss it with your physician to help them in decision making towards your health. 

5- Consider your food choices 

You become what you eat and your choices play a crucial role in determining different aspects of your health. Arthritis is one of such diseases that is greatly affected by the foods you eat, according to a renowned nutritionist from Aziz Medical Center. Thus, one way to manage your arthritis pain is by choosing the foods that support your joint health. For this, you can consult your doctor to help you with the food choices. 

6- Don’t miss out on your checkups 

No matter how long you are suffering from arthritis, it is always better to discuss your situation with your physician. Doing so can keep your physician informed about your health status and let them make better decisions regarding your health. Arthritis treatment plans tend to change with patients’ conditions and by seeing how the body is responding to these changes. For this, having regular checkups is the only way that can help out. 

Bottom Line!

Arthritis is a painful condition that is hard to live with. There are many possible treatment plans for arthritis though that varies from patient to patient. Alongside proper medication and pain management techniques it is necessary to follow the lifestyle practices that make your life manageable to a greater extent.