6 Major Instagram Metrics to Track Your Performance

By | December 5, 2020
Instagram Metrics
Instagram Metrics

Growing your audience is the only way to promote your brand on Instagram. It can easily do by tracking the right metrics. In Instagram Marketing, You don’t want to put more sweat, blood, or tears. Numbers help you to understand whether your strategies make a difference in your brand. It isn’t easy to go through all the numbers and graphs. To make this process an easy one, you need to find out which metric to focus on. 

Here is the list of all the Instagram metrics you need to track. Based on this you can choose which one will be more important and which one you can leave. 

Facts about Instagram

Here are some best Instagram facts you need to know:

  • Instagram has 16.6 million google searches every month.
  • Instagram has around 4.2 billion likes every day. 
  • Instagram users upload 95 million photos daily. 
  • Rather than image videos, get a 38% higher engagement rate. 
  • Around 400 million users use Instagram stories every day. 
  • 72% of Instagram users have purchased the product they saw on the app. 

6 Best Instagram metrics used to track the performance 

1. Impressions

It refers to how many people saw your post. It includes posts that don’t receive any likes or commands. You can analyze how well you are promoting the content by looking at this data. When you buy Instagram reach from Snaphappen, you could easily get your content among more number of people in a very short time.

Using related hashtags and Pay close attention to your every post also help you to promote your post. 

2. Engagement Rate

Integrations used to determine your engagement rate are likes, comments, saves, and shares by Looking at your engagement on Individual posts and the best way to know which type of content your followers like. Producing more engaging content will improve your marketing strategy. 

In influencer marketing, engagement rates are an important metric to follow. This metric helps to know which influencer can reach many numbers of the targeted audience.

3. Trending Hashtag

Hashtags always rule Instagram. Posts with at least one hashtag receive numerous engagement than other posts without hashtags. First, you should make a list of hashtags used in trending content. They are known as Trending hashtags. Once you have collected them, start posting posts with those hashtags. It will help you to reach more audiences and get more impressions.

For user-generated content, it is always better to use your own hashtags. For that, you don’t need any tool to track the result. Instead, you can see your hashtags and see how many posts are pop-up using that hashtag. 

4. Click-throughs from your bio link

The only clickable place on Instagram is the link in your bio. Tapping on them will give you a significant special boost for your brands. With a single click, it can take your followers to any desired place. 

It is the best place to encourage your audience to visit your website and to get leads. Marketers always note how many numbers of people will click the bio link.

5. Follower Growth 

Follower growth helps you to know whether you’re reaching new people and grab their attention. It will help you to know brand credibility.

Followers count change over time helps to determine the performance of your Instagram. It is very simple to calculate your followers’ growth. Take the new followers from the beginning of your month and divide it by the number of members you had at the start of the month. 

6. Instagram Story Engagement 

Instagram stories are either photos or videos, but they disappear after 24 hours. So it isn’t easy to track engagement on stories. But if you follow these steps, they will help you to track how successful Instagram stories are. 

  • Unique views: It helps you know how many people saw your story. Even if you upload multiple stories, you can see how many people view each story. 
  • Completion data: This helps you know how many people viewed all your stories. But, these things you have to collect on your own. 
  • Direct messages to your story: It helps you to know who all send a direct message from your story. 

Keeping track of these points will help you to improve your engagement rates. 

Wrap up

Instagram is the best platform to expand your reach and get customers to interact directly with you. Keep these tips in your brain, and you will take a clear explanation of how to do successful Instagram marketing. So this is the most suitable time to begin your marketing on Instagram