6 Best Place to Drink in Dupont Circle

By | February 26, 2020

Searching for the best places to drink around the Dupont circle? Want to explore the best bars in this region? Want to treat your friend with the best drinks in the Dupont Circle, Washington?

Probably yes. If you are residing in the Dupont Circle and are searching for some of the best bars to enjoy a fizzy drink, then this article is for you.

Here in this article, we will enlist some of the best drinking spots in the Dupont Circle. So, let’s explore them.

1. Fox & Hounds

Fox & Hounds Lounge is a well-reputed and well-organized bar in the Dupont Circle. It is amongst the best bars that you will find in this area.

People from all over the city love Fox & Hounds because the bar is well-known for providing great drinks at affordable prices. Furthermore, the bar is known for its Digital popular jukebox with new and classic rock. It is the best place to watch your favorite sports events or movies on 80″ TVs.

Give a visit to Fox & Hounds Lounge Bar(www.foxandhoundslounge.com) to enjoy your favorite drink and watch the busy patio there. At this bar, you can also enjoy a hot beverage under toasty heat lamps.

Their cocktails list includes:

  • Fox Fashion
  • Uptown Cosmo
  • Orange Crush

And many others

So, do not waste any further time and give a visit to this outstanding bar with your friends. You will experience great customer service there.

On the same location, fox and hounds lounge has restaurant in a day named “Trio Bistro” and the best restaurants in dupont circle for bottomless brunch and as vegan resturant.

2. Bar Dupont

Bar Dupont is another good option to enjoy fizzy drinks if you are residing in the Dupont Circle. It is located near the Dupont Circle Hotel and presents and airy, stylish, and elegant feel to its customers.

The bar offers an excellent list of fresh and delicious cocktails that you can enjoy with your friends and family.

Their cocktails list includes:

  • White Elephant
  • Patron Silver
  • Luxardo maraschino liqueur
  • Lime Juice
  • Grapefruit Juice

and much more.

So, consider visiting Bar Dupont with your friends if you are residing in the Dupont Circle.

3. Bar Charley

Bar Charley is among the best bars in the Dupont Circle. They offer an impressive list of drinks that are available there.

They are well-known for providing quality customer service along with the fizzy drinks. Their menu covers snacks, burgers topped with avocado, mozzarella, and enchilada sauce.

So, if you want to try some snacks along with the drinks, this bar is a must-visit for you.

4. Emissary

Emissary claims to be an independent bar located in Washington DC’s historic Dupont circle. The bar is famous for serving quality coffee, cocktails, fresh juices, and other carbonated drinks.

Emissary is one of the unique private event locations where you can arrange a family gathering, an office meeting, or a private event. The bar provides a contemporary and warm atmosphere for the reception of the guests.

So, it’s the best place if you want to enjoy some good drinks and arrange a meeting as well. Visit the bar and book your appointment today.

5. Iron Gate

Iron Gate is a well-reputed bar in the Dupont Circle. It is known for its historic building that dates back to 1924. The bar provides quality cocktails such as Nicoulaki, Greek yogurt, lemon, honey, rosemary, and other such beverages.

You can also enjoy quality snacks at this bar, which include potato-and-dill fritters made with yogurt sauce.

So, if you are looking to enjoy quality beverages along with some healthy snacks, then Iron Gate is an ideal bar for you to visit.

6. McClellan’s Retreat

McClellan’s Retreat is known for crafting fresh cocktails and other such quality beverages. The restaurant provides quality and pleasant atmosphere, which is the major attraction for the customers.

So, if you want to enjoy quality beverages with a captivating atmosphere, book your appointment at McClellan’s Retreat right now.


In the article above, we have listed some of the best bars in Dupont Circle, Washington. We hope this reading was helpful for you, and you can now easily decide which one to visit and enjoy the quality beverages that are being offered there.

However, if you are still confused, then we recommend you to visit Fox & Hounds as it is among the best bars in the Dupont Circle area. We hope you will enjoy their beverages.