5 Ways to Get Your Work Done Without Bossing Around

By | December 17, 2019

There has always been a stigmatic notion attached to team leaders and managers that forms an exploiting and overpowering image of them. Employees usually end up feeling that their supervisors are “Bossy” one or the other way. They are intimidated by being micromanaged all the time and even lose productivity due to the stress of constantly being under observation. Be it repeatedly receiving reminders to complete a task, facing performance reviews in group meetings, doing additional work apart from the assigned role or getting calls for official purposes after work hours, it gets difficult for the team to enjoy working if managers keep giving them a hard time!


So, as the head of your department, you need to maintain your conduct in such a way that the job satisfaction, employee engagement, comfortability and mental peace of your manpower is not affected adversely. 

Here’s a list of Do’s when you are aiming to be the “Dream Manager” and getting ready to share an amazing professional experience with your team: 

Make Your Team Self-Sufficient

It is not necessary that only employees are responsible for the loss of productivity. There are times when they need training, knowledge sharing and up skilling sessions or simple words of motivation to move forward. So, before you download a probation extension letter sample and send it to an underperforming employee, make sure you have done your part properly.

You can conduct training programmes and organize events to enhance their competencies and boost their morale in order to ultimately make them independent and self-sustained. When your team is skilled, it will not only impact their productivity, but also get your work done effectively, thereby reducing a large part of your job as an overseer. 

Make Work Fun And Games

Nobody likes monotony. Employees with their long and hectic schedules, specifically require a breather every once in a while to improve their yield. They will feel utmost inclination and dedication towards their job when there is equal work and play! What you can do to get your work done without creating any pressure is, introduce recreational activities every now and then.

It can be a gym, a dance/ singing/ yoga room opened inside the office premises or you can also organize picnics and trips to break the monotonous schedule. It is a proven fact that involving employees in extra-curricular activities results in a better performance. So, it’s time you find the fun ways for getting the desired work in return.

Never Miss Rewards And Recognition

Employee engagement strategies have been making wonders since time immemorial. One such tactic is R&R since everyone likes a little “pat on the back” for making extraordinary efforts and contribution in the profession. Once the employees are motivated and feel valued by the awards that are given to acknowledge them, they make it a habit of overachieving on the business front. So, appreciating the workforce by rewarding them basis small daily/ weekly contests along with monthly/ yearly competitions, acts as an outstanding work/ growth promoter. Besides, it makes them Eveready to take up extra work.

Organize Meetings, Avoid Nagging

Despite micromanaging every single task that an employee performs, reviewing the same and sharing on the spot feedback, try organizing personal or group meetings. It can get humiliating for anyone to get pinpointed at random occasions and eventually the employee loses interest in doing his work.

Thus, it is advisable to schedule meetings and personal/ group discussions to talk about work related matters and to resolve any issues faced during assignments rather than throwing comments around the workplace which not only seems unprofessional, but also gets insulting. TBH, the employee might refuse to work for you!

Be A Friend Before A Boss

Employees search for a companion at workplace who can share a special bond with them. In spite of anybody else, why doesn’t the team leader or manager become that confidante? Imagine no hesitation in communicating and no boundaries in working. This way, there will be a wide range of thoughts involved in the job and the experience of both the individuals will be put to good use. This seems like the best way to contribute in enhancing each others’ work without even being authoritative.