5 Ways to Enhance the Credibility of your Blog

By | November 6, 2019
Credibility of your Blog
Credibility of your Blog

Everyone writes the blog to gain engagements from the readers or to grow their brand. But still, we miss some steps that make the blog less shareable and away from taking credits.

Quality is essential for every blog. Pick up any topic and you’d find hundreds of topics under that niche. So, to make your blog unique you’ve to be different from others, work on an idea and the factors that make the blog credible.

When you look for ways to improve the content, people might give you suggestions like using the tools and checking on editor like Hemingway but that’s not the case.

There are other factors that make the content powerful and if you don’t utilize it in the content, your blog won’t reach the right audience.

So, here’s how to make your blog post shareable.

  • Put the Facts in it

Unless you aren’t sharing the experience or story with the readers, you shouldn’t write a blog without research. For example, if you’re writing, “There’s a rapid growth in small businesses with the evolution of technology” will sound much better if you write, “According to Statista, 42% of the job-based employees are shifting to start their side hustles and grow as entrepreneurs.”

The latter sounds more impactful than the previous one. If you’re talking about anything generally, it will sound vague but if you talk with facts and research, people will connect with you more and believe your words.

  • Source Experts when you Share Perspective

There’s already an expert in the niche you’re working on now. If you mention them in your blog, it will grow beyond reach. For instance, if you’re writing on “7 Tips to make your web design successful,” you’ll need tried and tested strategies from the experts to make your blog sounds real.

In this context, you can collect views from the experts and quote them in your blog. People will believe more when you share the perspective of the experts who are worth mentioning. For this purpose, you can prepare questions and email the experts or you can connect with them on their social accounts to bring up the conversation.

This activity will uplift your content more as compared to the one you write without sourcing experts. 

  • Focus on the Readability

When the user clicks on the content and finds that it contains long paragraphs without headings break, the majority of them won’t read. To make your content readable you should write with title, subheadings and bullet points. If someone is coming to your blog to skim it so they can take the points while reading the headings and highlighted features.

The headings and bold sentences make the content more readable and give a break to the audience while reading. If there are any facts, highlight it so users can note it first even if they don’t read the blog word by word.

  • Focus on Images

If you’re teaching something to your audience, you should use the screenshot to make the knowledge easy for them. Apart from that, every blog you write should contain images in it especially the featured one. Images make the content look beautiful and increase the readability score.

If you’ve tons of research in your post, consider using illustrations like custom charts, graphs or infographics to highlight the data.

Remember the easier the flow of content, the greater engagement you’ll receive from your audience. For example, if you’re writing for your New York web design agency, and your objective is to promote your services, so don’t tell your audience how good your service is but do tell how your services have benefitted the customers. 

  • Read, Read & Read

Before you start writing your blog, research the topic to the last page of Google and read what has actually written on the topic. From all the blogs you read, extract the unique points and include them in your blog creatively. 

If you write things that have already been written, why would people read it? So, see the content from the new perspective and write it creatively. If your blog is unique people will click it and if it’s all the same so no one will read, take notes. 

Applying these tips will help you to increase the quality of the content and will gain more audience to your blog. Try it!