5 Types of Bikes: Which Is Best for You?

By | March 29, 2019
hybrid bikes

Selecting the bicycle which is best for you is just like selecting the right college. It is a one-time investment and though every option will commute you from one place to another but it won’t be at the same speed or the same manner. Thus, the right decision depends on your needs and objectives and matching it to the perfect bike.

A top notch bike will range from $500 to $20,000 but if you are an average commuter, you don’t need to spend anything near that price. In the first stance, you need to determine what type of bike you want by assessing your needs.

  1. What is your objective of getting the bike?

Are you planning to commute to work or college? Do you want to hit the trails for a mountainous ride? Are you planning to participate in road races? Or you are just looking for a leisure ride with friends and family on weekends? Knowing your plan is the best way to narrow down your selections.

  • How will you use the bike?

What you plan to do and what you actually do may become two dissimilar things. If you want to buy mountain bike, but you end up going with your family every now and then, you may not want to spend on mountain bike, but you will rather go for hybrid bikes that can sort out both your purposes well.

  • What is your budget?

If you do not plan a budget before you purchase the bike, then you may end up checking out some killer models and spend more than your range. Thus, define your budget and leave some money for your bike accessories as well like lock, helmet, and basket.

Some of the bike options available for you are mentioned below:

  1. Urban bikes

The urban bicycles cover all kinds of bikes designed to travel in an urban place. They are usually made for easy and effective transportation over short to mid distance. A lot of urban bikes have flat bars to support rigours of jumping off and travelling uneven surfaces. They are also known as Dutch bicycles because of timeless colours and elegant styling. They may also be called city bikes or commuter bikes at a number of places. They have the features of cruiser bike and hybrid bikes. Yes, they provide upright riding posture like cruisers but have the wheel size of a hybrid.

  • Hybrid bikes

Also called the comfort bikes, hybrid bikes render upright riding position to its rider. They stand somewhere between mountain and road bikes and are often defined as recreational fitness bikes. If you are looking for comfy leisure rides on well-kept gravel, without any speed or performance demands, then this is the best option for you. Hybrids do not provide suspension and they are apt for those who suffer from severe back pain or neck pain.

  • Cruiser bikes

They are famous for their comfort- the frame, seating and handlebars make the rider comfortable and easy to ride them. They aren’t very fast of effective but are a perfect option to ride short distances amazingly. They are perfect for paved road ridings and beaches in style. They are the best beach cruiser bikes for your beach strands.

  • Mountain bikes

Designed to ride Mother Nature with wider tires, they make treading on rocks and roots easy. They come with front and rear wheel suspension to lower the effect as you move on the rough terrain. They are heavier and slower and support your desire for trailing on mountainous tracks easily

  • Road Bikes

For all those who want to travel long distances, the skinny tires and drop handlebars of road bikes are perfect for you. It is the best selection for a person who wants to ride pavements for longer journeys.

Choose the right bike for you depending on your need and preferences.