5 Reasons to stay at a beach resort in Goa

By | September 17, 2019
beach resort in Goa

Goa is a tropical beach paradise of sun, sand and sea. Think of a fun holiday in India and Goa is the first thought on your mind! The smallest state in India has much to boast about. With more than 50 beaches, Goa has over 101km of shoreline. Each beach and area of Goa has a different vibe and attracts all kinds of travellers. Wherever you go to Goa, the beach is where the action is! Be it relaxing, water sports, happening parties, mouth-watering food & drinks, shopping or anything you desire, beaches in Goa is the destination.

When all the fun is at the beach, then without doubt beach resorts in Goa are where you should be.  There is a range of options to suit all budgets and types of travellers. From luxurious, glamorous resorts to basic beach huts, sociable and fun backpacker hostels, modern family-friendly, yoga retreats, beach resorts in Goa are many and each a delight in its own way. Whether you book Goa tour packages with friends, family or a romantic honeymoon, stay at the beach resorts proffers memories to be cherished for a lifetime.

A beach holiday in Goa is incomplete without a stay in the beach resorts in Goa. Here are the top 5 reasons why you must not miss out:

Best views

Beach views make your holiday truly memorable. Goa has some of the most beautiful views of the shoreline. The resorts set right on the beach enjoy some of the best views of the cerulean sea as far as the eye can see. Would you not wake up to heavenly views of the sunrise watching the waves, fishermen making their way with the fresh catch of the sea. If you stay away from the beaches, a lot of time and effort will be lost to get your own space and while you are at the beach resort, any time of the day you can seek the best views.

Happening hub

Beaches in Goa are the hub of action and with a stay at the beach resort, you will never be away from the fun. Some of the most popular pubs, clubs and parties are held on the golden shores. So, if you are a party lover and are staying at a beach resort, you can always come across a fun-filled event. With Goa holiday packages you will get a chance to socialize, get comfy with people, share a drink and spend a holiday forgetting your daily schedules and lives. Shopping in Goa too happens on the beach as there are lively markets where you can come across people and happening action.

Serenity away from crowds

Goa is synonymous with its beaches. While it’s lively and fun, if you are one of those people who seek a little quiet and serenity, even then beach resorts in Goa come to your aid. Spread on extensive shores, you can always find a hidden corner to spend time with yourself, watch the waves, read a book, sip your favourite drink and in total enjoy your own tropical beach vacation.

Sunbathing, swimming & water fun

It goes without saying a beach vacation requires access to the beach. Beach resorts have dedicated spaces to sunbathe, swim and even try some water activities. You can easily find a spot to soak the warmth of the sun while flaunting your favourite bikini. When it gets hot you can quickly cool down with a refreshing swim in the sea (only if you are a strong swimmer) or you can jump in the swimming pool. The popular water sports in Goa are not out of reach when you are staying at the beach resorts. You can easily indulge in speed –boating, parasailing, banana tube rides, etc.

Best moments of your holiday

Goa has a way to gift amazing experiences but beach resort has even better. The privacy and hospitality of beach resorts in Goa are second to none when you are on your honeymoon. The first and foremost requirement of romantic Goa honeymoon packages is a stay at the beach resort. The beach has a way to charm you to have some fun, relax and savour moments. When you are newly-wed and in love, then you will surely have some of the most cherished memories of your lives. While you can enjoy leisurely strolls, there are options to indulge in massages, private dinners, etc. the beach resorts offer the best of services for the best time of your life!