5 Essential Camping Equipments to Bring to Camp

By | August 28, 2019
Camping Equipments

Having a successful camping trip is not just dependent on the place or the company but also on the camping equipment that you bring with you. Even if you have chosen the most wonderful campground and the people who will be joining you are loved ones or very dear friends, it wouldn’t be as exciting or enjoyable if you were unable to bring the necessary camping essentials such as a camping tent. In spite of your love for nature, you have been very used to the modern conveniences in your daily lives, that going camping won’t be as easy as you think.

Camping Gear You need

When enjoying nature as you go camping, it’s just natural that you wouldn’t want to give up some of your home’s comfort. When making a list of the camping equipment to bring. You will have to consider all that you will require for the duration of your camping. It will definitely be a long list. However, if you only have to choose five must-bring types of equipment, it should include the following: camping tent, portable heater, cooler, camp stove and lanterns.

Camping Tent

Since camping involves sleeping outdoors, some form of shelter like a tent is required. However, not just any tent will do. A lot of things will have to be considered when you choose a camping tent. You have to think about the weather as well as the number of people who will be there. Your tent must be something that can keep you warm, dry as well as comfortable.  It has to be durable to withstand the rain, wind, and cold. It should also be able to protect you from crawling insects and should be properly ventilated in order for the user to breathe easily while inside it.

The size of the tent should be big enough for everybody to comfortably sleep in. Additionally, there has to be space for the stuff that you need to put inside the tent, especially during night time.  A tent with a vestibule is also a good idea to provide your things with shelter.

Sleeping Bag and Pads

Nights can be very cold, and you might need something else aside from your sleeping bag and pads to keep you warm. A portable heater should be perfect because although campfires are good sources of heat outside, inside.  You will need a heater to keep you warm.

Camp Stove

Bringing a camp stove will make cooking a lot easier, so bring one with enough gas. Having this camping equipment will enable you to cook almost anything. Just make sure that you also have something to cook in as well as the ingredients that you need.  Planning your meals ahead will let you know what ingredients to bring.


For your perishables and for your drinks, you would need a cooler. Put a lot of ice in and you’re ready to go.


Finally, when your only source of light during the night is the campfire, it can get very dark so flashlights and lanterns are also necessary.

Camping is a fun thing to do especially if you do it with your families and loved ones. However, it will surely be perfect if you have all the necessary camping equipment with you to make your camping experience. The way it should be – fun, relaxing and stress-free.