5 Digital Marketing Tactics That Will Work in 2020

By | March 31, 2020
digital marketing tactics

Digital marketing is very important to reach out to your potential audience in an effective manner. Thus, hiring a good and experienced digital marketing agency in Gurgaon, Pune or any other city is of great importance.

The agency needs to plan and implement a marketing plan using both inbound marketing and direct and outbound marketing techniques to reach the maximum audience. For this, they make use of various tools and techniques. 

Some of the digital marketing tactics strategies that will work for 2020 are: 

Influencer Marketing

Influencers, as the name suggests, are celebrities or internet celebs with hundreds of thousands of followers. But, in digital marketing, influencer marketing is all about leverage people with limited social media following to influence the prospective audience. Data suggests that 92 per cent of people trust what other consumers have to say or recommend and hence companies are roping in these consumers to motivate and persuade others to take the desired action. 

Uploading Shareable Content

Just producing excellent and unique content is not enough. It should reach the right audience. Hence, 2020 will witness the creation and uploading of shareable content. The digital marketing agency in delhi that you have hired for the job should produce content that gets an emotional reaction from the audience because people willingly share content that appeals to them emotionally. Another form of content that is readily shared is one that adds value to the prospects and customers. Telling a story to which your audience can connect to or which depicts a promise that you can provide a solution to their problem are other contents that get shared easily. 

Engaging Via Streaming Video Ads

Video ads will continue to rule the digital marketing arena in 2020. The live streaming of videos on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram are going to be a big hit in 2020. Placing ads during live streaming of videos are consumed willingly by the audience. However, care should be taken not to place too long ads or else the viewer will abandon the video. It has been found that the viewers watch the ad with the same concentration as the video if it comes in between an engaging video.

Post More of Interactive Content

2020 will witness more interactive content that can be in the form of 360-degree video, shoppable posts, quizzes, AR/VR, polls etc. This is going to be the hottest trend in 2020 because it’s something that’s new, innovative and original. The viewers get engrossed in seeing and participating in such stuff. 

For instance, displaying content for say buying a dress with all details all at one go in the textual form will not gain the viewers’ attention unless the dress appeals to them. You can post the same content in an interactive manner. First, only the dress appears; when the viewer taps on it, the name and price of the dress get displayed. Tapping further, the viewer gets directed to a screen that provides more information like the fabric, cut, washing instructions etc. This way, the viewer is totally engaged and consumes the total content that is uploaded.

Voice Search

I have mentioned voice search a couple of times so far, so you realized it would be the one of the major tactics in 2020. Voice search gives no indication of slowing down and will have a major impact on how brands create content and market on the web.

We do not routinely reference as expected that half of searches in 2020 will be driven by voice (we currently sit around 20% according to Google), yet this measurement is probably not much later. The smart speaker business is dying, with nearly a quarter of American family units currently owning Google Home, Amazon Echo or other smart speakers.

Customers are additionally expected to use voice search soon – 61% of 25–64 mature people, who now use a voice gadget.

Content Experiences Will Rule 2020

The amalgamation of context and content constitutes content experiences. There is an experience associated with each content through elements like environment, design, placement etc. This experience can be good or bad, but it is there and is about addressing the user experience when they engage with the content. It will become the face of digital marketing in 2020.

These are some of the digital marketing tactics that a good and experienced digital marketing company in Gurgaon will use in 2020. The digital marketing agency you have hired for your job should be aware of what tactics will work and what not in 2020 and devise their strategies accordingly.