4 Latest Driving Factors in the OTT Industry

By | February 6, 2020
OTT Technology

In the last few years, OTT and live streaming have gained significant growth in the market. And, experts predict the same level of growth in the coming future as well. 

As ott tv is continually rising, it is altering consumers’ media habits, which is bringing big changes in the OTT industry. 


There are four major factors driving the industry right now:

  • Content distribution battle

In the digital world, giants like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Google, and Facebook have taken over traditional broadcasting sources in terms of content distribution in the digital world.

This is why various industry consolidations are taking place to keep up with the modern-age platforms. 

Everyone, from Disney to AT&T, is preparing for a content distribution battle to provide exclusive services to consumers.

For instance, Disney+ is now available directly to consumers with its streaming services. Similarly, other big names are entering the OTT market, which is making the competition fiercer. 

  • New advertisement models are making OTT more attractive for emerging players

Advertising is an inherent part of broadcasting, whether it is on linear tv or OTT streaming. However, the traditional methods of advertising don’t work on OTT channels such as Netflix. The digital market has new kinds of consumers with upgraded expectations. 

Hence, the industry is utilizing new ways of advertising to make monetization efficient, effective and tolerable for the target consumers. 

So, you can see more placements of products taking place within live TV and series along with sponsored content and channels. 

These ad models may vary, depending on the type of service and the preference of users. Hence, OTT players are experimenting with complex models of advertising to match the diversity of content and users. 

  • Gaming is moving to on-demand industry

After demanding movies and TV on OTT, consumers now want video game available whenever and wherever they need. To match this evolution in consumer demand, the gaming industry is also steadily moving to the cloud. 

Various companies such as Google, Microsoft, EA, and others have invested in cloud gaming. They know the importance and significance of this growing industry which can offer great services to the users in the near future.

However, gaming videos involve real-time interaction, as a player plays the game.

This is probably the biggest challenge gaming companies need to overcome in order to manage the quality and latency.

Customers won’t accept cloud gaming unless it is free from all input delay and graphics distortion issues. 

  • Personalization is the priority in OTT

Serving the personalized demands of every user is key to success in the OTT industry right now.

Hence, OTT platforms provide tailored experiences in terms of menu adjustment, recommendations, and other elements.

Personalization is an ongoing process in the OTT industry, as new upgrades keep coming out from time to time. 

In the future, even the smallest details of user experience will be customized automatically as per an individual’s preference.

As artificial intelligence and technology keep on progressing, user interface and personalisation will keep on the high end.

All these factors are driving the OTT industry towards a much-evolved future. Are you ready to stay ahead of the market in terms of content distribution, monetization and personalization of user experience?!