3D Wallpapers: The Best Home Decor for Living Rooms

By | April 2, 2020
3D wallpapers

Sitting at home at times we keep wondering what we can place in the house to make it look more appealing and complimenting. So, the trend of 3D wallpaper has grown immensely. Instead of using paints people are more into placing wallpaper on their wall. The best part of adding them to your home decor is, they can be changed whenever you want and there are no problems in adding them to the living rooms. You wonder how?

Just think back when the renovation of your house is going on you have to face lots of problems and paints take about 5-10 days to soak and get stable. Wallpapers are different in just one day; they stick to the wall and go long and long as you want. Easy to change Easy to buy!

What is 3d wallpaper for houses?

We all know that 3d is an effect that has a feature of embracing the illusion of a picture having intensity perception. The same is with wallpapers; they are 3-dimensional sheet designing to mount on walls. They add 3 dimensions to show the 3d effect to your living rooms. 3D wallpaper for wall online availability is tremendous and available in more than 2000+ designs. You can pick any of your choices. Placing them on walls embrace the beauty of the walls all around. Make them look good and let people appreciate your choice. 


Wallpapers are both non-woven paper or woven fabric. They are printed for decorating the walls of residence or other uses like in hotels, offices, public buildings, etc. In earlier times they were not considered an important decoration. But now, it is the embellishing and material that will add colors to your room. 

It has become an industry that manufactures all kinds of wallpapers including 3D for commercial purposes like in offices, centers, clinics, etc. The Chemical Fabric & Film Association examines and tests all the materials used in making the wallpaper & you can write for us more about the latest wallpaper.

Raw Materials Used

The 3D wallpaper price starts from Rs.1,400 and goes beyond. The material used in the making of it are:

1. Ground coat

2. Applied Ink

3. Paste that will hold back to stick on the wall

4. For Non- woven backings – wood, wood pulp with synthetic material

5. Woven backings require- Cotton, jean

6. Coatings made of latex or polyvinyl chloride

Benefits of using:

  • Easy to maintain and change whenever you wish too. Never clean them with water and apply the clean cloth to wipe it.
  • Buy 3D wallpaper online because you will get them at good prices with deals and discounts. You will always find more variety online than physically buying them. 
  • It’s funny but true when there is crack on the wall or some other defect applying them will solve the issue and make the wall look nicer and prettier than before.
  • You can paste them at all the surfaces. Whether it is painted area, bricks, plaster or prefabricated panels. Eligible to apply on all surfaces.
  • They have durability in terms of long years if you prefer high-grade 
  • qualities, they can retain for more than 15 years. Resisting the color and the same appearance that was at first.

If you wish to change the wallpaper it’s much easier to do and you can paste the other wallpaper on the same surface. This is a complementing feature because it saves time, energy and money. The reason mounting them on walls is much easier than getting the paint.

Getinhours is a perfect online store for buying 3D wallpapers for home decor. Pick the best one for your walls, making them look sterling and the amusing aura to refresh the mind -soul.