3 Tips to Get the Best Bail Bond Rates

By | September 6, 2019
Best Bail Bond

Bail bond rates are complicated if you do not know how it works. You need some knowledge and preparation to learn about the rates. As far as the US is concerned, bails are not easy on your wallet. For example, someone committing a criminal act should shell out approximately $55,000 or more to get a release from jail. When it is your family member or friend behind the bars, it is heart-wrenching to see them languishing in prison for a long time. Basically, a ‘bail bondsman’ is paid a rate (normally 10%) of the bail add up to give bail security. This bond verifies your discharge. How? It’s a type of surety bond. These are lawful contracts between various gatherings that assurance somebody will satisfy their commitments.

According to an article published on https://www.huffingtonpost.in, the bail money system in America cost taxpayers $38 million per day. Therefore, you can imagine the cost of bail amounts in the country.

More grave the charges; more is the amount of bail. This is where bail bondsmen come into play. Here is how:

1. Try to reduce the bail amount

The best way to cut down the bond fee is by minimizing the amount of the bail. If you are fortunate, it is possible to get the amount waived, though rare. First things first, file a motion citing that the defendant does not have the ability to shell out the amount for the bail. When the hearing takes place, you will need to provide some evidence to support the inability plea. The judge will take his call whether the motion is approved or not. The established insurances, just as the Bail Reform Act (a government resolution), give a litigant the privilege to demand lower bail when the sum at first set by the court is too high to even think about paying. A respondent can demand a meeting to look for a bail decrease.

However, watch out before taking this approach because the hearings are not always in the defendant’s best interest. You may have to pay additional fees and your bail amount increases. Therefore, research and look up companies like Castle Bail Bonds or similar ones that come to the assistance of defendants.

2. Consult with a reliable bondsman

The key to the success of getting the best bail bond rate is working with a reliable bondsman. Make sure he has been working for at least 10 years and has a good reputation among his clients. You do not want to pay an exorbitant bond rate that you cannot afford. It is not your area, where you excel. Therefore, research online for at least 5-6 bondsmen and choose the best from them. You can visit their websites and study the client reviews to figure out their credibility and expertise posting a bail successfully. It is elusive the degree of polished methodology that you find at Aces. Our notoriety is essential to us, and we remember that, each time we meet with a customer. Being an expert to us means furnishing our customers with the privacy they need, ensuring their data, regarding their time and continually giving solid data.

3. Consult with the detention officers

Yes, detention officers offer reliable information and advice. It is their job and they are in constant touch with bondsmen to gather the required details related to bond rates. Therefore, they will recommend the best bondsman who will work in the best interest of a defendant. Specialists can give educational plans and mentors and move much staff through preparing quicker than a frequently ambushed preparing division can, giving approach audits that are proficient and fulfill those guidelines in a brief timeframe.

When you consult a detention officer, when releasing your family member or loved one from jail, is not a bad idea, at all. They play a crucial role in reducing the bail amount. You may also get some discount depending on certain criteria. There are some bail bond agencies offering 20 percent discount on the bond rate. A detention officer can help you get that discount.


Now that you have these tips handy, it would be easier for you to get the best bail bond rate to release your loved one from jail.