3 Tips on Finding the Right Filter and Effects App for You

By | December 12, 2019
Photo Effect Apps
Photo Effect Apps

If you prefer your images to stand out from others, you can use filters and effects to make your portfolio different and engaging. Check out the list of high filter and effects apps I have found in my research, but read on to get my tips on finding the right filters and effects app to make your photos stand out. 

Top 10 Photo Effect Apps

Editing Skills for Aspiring Artists 

If you have already realized the basics of using editing apps, it’s time to get creative and have more fun with editing programs. Due to the sheer variety of applications out there, you should be able to easily find an in-depth and easy to use photo editing software that you can download on your phone. Having photo effect software on your computer is great, but being able to edit photos anywhere by having an app on your phone makes it much more accessible. With apps, you can also create your filters, which is a lot better than having to rely on pre-programmed photoshop filters. With apps, you can create unique effects by knowing the difference between color tint editing and adding or subtracting saturation to your photos. Tweaking with these editing features can make your shots stand out and unique to your style amongst the millions of other photographers wanting to make a career out of their photos. 

Making Instagram photos more appealing with filters 

After learning different editing techniques from more advanced editing apps, you can now work on creating some unique shots for platforms like Instagram. In this day and age, Instagram is likely to be where many photographers start their journey of displaying their work. Although Instagram has its filters and they are excellent and easy to use, you want to make your filters and photo effects so that you stand out from the millions of other people who are using the same filters.

Creating your filters lets you engage with your creative side and make your profile different from others. Nowadays, it’s imperative to have a fabulous social media presence as a photographer or any artist. With many freelance photography gigs, the client will require you to submit a link to your Facebook, Instagram, or other social media profile. If a client sees a unique and exciting profile, they are more likely to hire you. Having an impressive social media profile will engage prospective clients and allow you to get published more, regardless of how many likes you have on your posts. 

Use Special Filters to Make Gifts 

Not only can you enjoy editing your photos for work, but you can create specialized filters to make a thoughtful homemade gift for family or friends. Nothing is more special than giving a loved one a gift that you made. If you and your friends are globe trekkers, you can make some creative and unique collages of your adventures and give it to your friends as a gift. YOu don’t have to stop at black and white images since you’re an expert by now in photo editing, you can craft a unique steampunk style picture for your best friend’s birthday that everyone will bet hands down you got done at a professional studio. With apps and your creative skills, the possibilities of what you can do are endless. 

In conclusion 

There are loads of photos and filter editing apps, and finding the right one for you can take a little time, depending on what style of photos you are trying to achieve. Keep these tips in mind when you are searching for the app that makes your photos individually unique to you and serves the purpose or aim you are going. Don’t forget to check out the top 10 apps listed above to see if any of those work for you and your budding photography career.