20 Amazing Things To Do In Argentina

By | October 22, 2020

Hello! Welcome to our blog site. Today we are talking about what to do thin Argentina if you have a planned trip or planning a trip. This guide includes all the things that you can do in Argentina for a fun-living holiday trip.

Argentina has a diverse geography that encompasses deserts to the humid jungle and long ocean to the mountain peaks. The country also has one of the best cultural, artistic, and architectural heritage. If you want to visit the country and explore its wonders. You should start planning now and book delta airlines reservations right away to reach here and start exploring Argentina on your own.

Highlighting the 20 Amazing things you should do while visiting Argentina

Visit Iguazu National Park

Iguazu National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage site and recognized as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. The popularity of Iguazu falls attracts about 2 million visitors a year. 

Visit Los Glaciers

Los Glaciers have the second-largest continental ice extension in the world. The entire park has about 250 glaciers and is known to have an abundance of Prussian-blue lakes and glaciers. The entire western part of the Los Glacier national park is covered with a thick blanket of ice and snow, while the other half has Patagonian steppe.

Tour in Perito Moreno Glacier

Perito Moreno Glacier is a huge 250 km ice and snow. Though surrounded by snow, Perito Moreno Glacier is still a habitat for plenty of plant species and wildlife. 

Visit the city of Buenos Aires

Is the most attractive city in Argentina and in the entire world. Buenos Aires is a popular destination before heading to a national park or beaches. The city has museums, art galleries, and amazing colonial buildings. 

Visit the neighborhood of Recoleta 

Recoleta is home with its mausoleums, gardens, art galleries, cafes, and shops and many more are there to visit.

Tour in the village of La Boca

La Boca is a vibrant, colorful neighborhood and home to open-air museum, sculptures, cafes, tango dancer, and painted houses

Visit Juan Manuel Fangio Museum

Juan Manuel Fangio Museum is located in Mar del Plata, it is a museum for Juan Manuel.  Juan Manuel Fangio is the world’s greatest formula, one driver. The museum has 100 cars and 500 trophies.

Visit the Palermo and Belgrano 

Palermo and Belgrano are known to have boulevards and palatial mansions. Where you can do so many fun things for a perfect holiday trip.

  Visit the Land of Fire

Tierra del Fuego is a popular destination for being the world’s southernmost train. Tierra del Fuego National park is also a home for parakeets, seagulls, foxes, kingfisher, condors, penguins, hummingbirds, and owls. Only 30 percent of the island has forest while the remaining percent are areas of cool semi-desert and steppe.

Hike in Iguazu

Iguazu is home to some birds, jaguars, ocelots, tapirs, giant anteaters, monkeys, coatis, toucans, caimans, eagles, and pipping guans. These creatures are best seen while hiking and trekking the trails of Iguazu. 

Visit the Puerto Madryn 

Puerto Madryn is one of the most preserved destinations in Argentina.  It is known to have an abundant nature reserve and deep-water ports. It is also a popular destination to cruise and enjoy water sports like windsurfing

 Explore Valdes Peninsula

Valdes Peninsula is a UNESCO World Heritage site and has a plethora of wildlife. It is also a popular destination to cruise and enjoy water sports like windsurfing

Visit Los Alerces, National Park

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Los Alerces National Park is located in the region of Chubut Province. The park has an area of 2360 and has a variety of ecosystems. 

Camp in the lakes of Los Alerces

Los Alerces National Park is also home to lakes of Futalaufquen, Kruger, Arrayanes, Futaleufu, and Menendez. It is a good park to hike, camp, fish, kayak, and go for rafting. The park is home to Alerces, a famous tree that can grow for about 50 m tall and can live up to 3600 years. 

Cordoba Cathedral

Cordoba Cathedral is a splendid mix of Baroque and Neoclassical style. The Roman Catholic cathedral was built in 1580 and known to have exquisite frescoes, murals, and ornate interiors. 

 Tour in the national park of Los Cardones

The entire park has four regions of ecological diversity, namely Altos Andes, Puna, Bolsones and Yungas, and Monte de Sierras. These regions have a mountain peak of about 5000-meter high. Los Cardones has mountain landscapes, hills, deserts, unique flora, rivers, and caves. 

Visit the City of Mendoza

Mendoza is filled with Art Deco architecture. It features national parks, mountains, and natural geologic formation.

Climb the 6960 meters tall Aconcagua

 The Aconcagua National park covers 200000 acres near the border with Chile. The entire park is best for thrill-seekers, mountain climbers, hikers, and skiers. Aconcagua National park features a variety of glaciers, watersheds, rivers, and a plethora of flora and fauna. 

Beaches of Mar del Plata

Beaches of Mar del Plata was once a playground for the rich, this city is a mixture of old mansions and resorts. Mar del Plata also has marine attractions like dolphins, seal shows, penguins, and flamingos. 

Drink Wine in the village of Los Cardones

The village in Los Cardones is preserved and offers traditional and delicious wines.

Last words

As you can see above, I mentioned some amazing things to do in Argentina and you were also excited to go over there and start having fun. So what are you awaiting? start planning now and visit on american airlines official site and get booking tips to grab cheap flights and explore some amazing vacation offers on Argentina trip and book flight tickets instantly. And get ready for roaming coronary heart to Argentina, for experiencing the pleasant excursion of your lifestyles!