12 Reasons To Visit Bangkok and Pattaya For Vacay- Thailand Holidays

By | December 16, 2019
Thailand Holidays
Thailand Holidays

Bangkok and Pattaya are the two most esteemed cities in Thailand. From the nightlife of the cities to the astonishing temples, you will be amused to see the knack of the people out there. Life in Bangkok and Pattaya doesn’t stop at nightlife and temples. There are so many other places to visit in Bangkok and Pattaya which can fill your pockets with enduring memories. Places like coral island alcazar show, Chatuchak market of Bangkok, safari park, to name a few.

For much more beautiful experience, you can book the package of the Bangkok Pattaya tour as it will make it easy for you to cover up the most important places of Bangkok & Pattaya.

Some Reasons to take a tour to Bangkok and Pattaya for Vacay are:

1. Cheap Shopping

Bangkok and Pattaya are famous for so many things like its nightlife, delicious food, and much more, but the one that tops the to-do list in Bangkok is shopping. There are various markets in Bangkok that can engage your hands with shopping bags at a very affordable price. For many girls, shopping is the only reason to take a Bangkok and Pattaya tour.   

2. Wacky Nightlife

For all the party lovers and nightlife lovers, Bangkok and Pattaya have some crazy clubs and pubs to visit with your friends. The place is draped into vibrant lights and glamorous girls to make the night more exciting and fun. 

3. Peaceful beaches

There are beaches in Pattaya that are not only peaceful but also allow many adventure activities to double the fun like parasailing, skywalk, snorkeling, soul-stirring underwater dive, and much more. After a long adventurous day at the beach, you can take a romantic walk on the sands and see the beautiful colors of the sunset with your loved ones.    

4. Relaxing Thai Massage

It is undoubtedly gonna be the best part of your Bangkok and Pattaya tour. After all the hustle-bustle of the day with shopping, sightseeing, partying, and so many other things, you can take a break and sit for a long relaxing massage. Almost every person that visits Bangkok and Pattaya takes these massages. 

5. Pattaya cabaret Shows

There are many cabaret shows in Pattaya, but the most famous ones are tiffany show and Alcazar show. These two are the oldest cabaret shows in Pattaya are becoming popular among tourists because of its talented performers. These shows are a unique mix of sound, costumes, music that are fascinating to the eyes of the viewers. 

6. Mesmerizing temples

Many temples can make your eyes bedazzled by their beauty. The buddha temples in Bangkok and Pattaya are artistic, pious, and mystical. It is the perfect epitome of human artistry and approbation. Many people don’t consider to include temples in their Bangkok and Pattaya tour package because they realize how astonishing these temples are, especially reclining buddha temple. 

Some famous temples of Bangkok and Pattaya are the temple of the emerald buddha, the temple of the reclining Buddha, the temple of the dawn, the golden mount, the marble temple, the golden Buddha, wat Kalayanamit and much more. 

7. To Experience Adventure at Siam Park

Siam Amazing park is the perfect place for all the thrill lovers. The park is divided into the water park and amusement park. The water park consists of Wave Pool, Speed Slide, Flowing Pool, Mini Slide, Kidz MiniRiver, Super Spiral, Kidz Twister, RideHouse, Kidz ProRacer, and Spa. Whereas amusement park consists of 30 types of rides inclusive of vortex boomerang, giant drop, Siam tower, and much more. Do include it to your Bangkok and Pattaya tour package.

8. An Intimate Encounter with the Tigers, Dolphins, and Seals

If you are an animal lover or want to see or touch animals like tigers and dolphins carefully, then Bangkok and Pattaya are the best places. There are many dolphins shows in Pattaya and sriracha zoo, which allows tourists to feed cubs and click the pictures with tigers and cubs.  

9. Bangkok Floating Market

Bangkok’s floating market is one of the famous tourist spots to visit. The market is divided into four parts that represent four diverse parts of Thailand. It is one of the biggest floating markets of the world, do include it in your Bangkok and Pattaya Tour Itinerary. Tourists can encounter the eateries, stalls, and souvenir shops in the floating market. Thailand’s handicrafts, food, and traditional Thai dresses are sold in the market. Bargaining is encouraged but do it politely as the people are short-tempered. 

10. Visit Art in Paradise

Art in paradise has three-dimensional painting to trick the eyes of the people. These paintings can trick the eyes into thinking that animals are smashing through walls, balancing over the waterfall. There are around 100 art pieces in 10 themed sections. Many Thai people click pictures in the innovative poses in front of the 3D imaginary paintings. It takes about 2 hours to cover the whole gallery. It’s a great place to go with children, family, and large groups. Many people are not aware of this place, but if you include this place to your Bangkok and Pattaya tour package, then you can flood your Facebook and Instagram with eye tricking pictures. 2

11. Underwater World Pattaya

The underwater world comes in the list of top 10 places to visit in Pattaya. It allows a walk into a 150 m long tunnel to explore the habitat of 30,000 species of marine animals. The underwater world is divide into four zones- Moray Eel tank, Coral Reef Zone, Giant of Siam Zone, Open Ocean Zone. You can dive into the pool with the experts and feed the animals in the pool. 

12. Visit Safari World 

Safari world is a significant tourist attraction in Bangkok. The park is spread over 480 acres of land. It consists of two parks marine park and safari park. If you are an animal lover, then this place is heaven. You can watch various shows of animals, and even some action shows by talented performers. Here you can enjoy feeding the animals like giraffe and monkeys. Encounter an array of animals of sea, land, and air at the safari world. This place is undoubtedly going to be the highlight of your Bangkok and Pattaya Tour. 

These are the 12 reasons to visit Bangkok and Pattaya. Well it is one of the famous tourist destinations, don’t you just want to pack your bags and take a flight to Bangkok, so what are you waiting for book the best Bangkok and Pattaya package and relish the holidays with friends and family.