10 Ways to Track Android Cell Phone without Being Detected

By | August 24, 2019
Track Android

This is the modern age and we are living in the digital world. People have smartphones and the fastest as well as the most advanced technologies. Everything has changed to a great extent. People live in one part of the world and deal with clients on another continent.

People are looking for the most innovative ways to make good use of technology. Tracking devices, phones, and gadgets are one just example. When it comes to tracking, various options are used. Some people prefer spy apps while others have android trackers in their pockets. Today, we are going to guide the users about multiple options to track an android cell phone without being detected.

Who Wants to Track Android Phones?

When it comes to tracking, it is really important to understand who needs such tools and why they want to use. From our research, we have found out that many people use android phone trackers. But we have divided them into two categories; employers tracking their employees and parenting spying on their kids.

Employers for Company’s Devices

Before we talk about companies and employers use android tracking apps, we should have a look at some facts and statistics that will open our eyes.

  • On average, every employee wastes 21 hours a week at the workplace.
  • More than 30% of workers confessed to leaking company data.
  • 30-40% Internet access by employees at the office is done for personal things.
  • 58% of Companies’ data have been tempered by former workers.
  • 48% of Employers hold employees responsible for big data breaches.

The facts and stats above demonstrate the importance of why employers should android tracking apps and tools. Various reasons and factors urge the companies like securing their data, protecting information and preventing any internal attacks on the systems. All these reasons call for the use of a good spy app that empowers employers and lets them track the staff.

Parents for Digital Parenting

Like the facts we discussed in the employer section, below are some details regarding the kids using tech devices and social media.

  • 99% of kids have access to smartphones that they can use for any purpose.
  • 45% of Teens constantly remain online all the time around.
  • 52% of American kids have been bullied on social media sites.
  • Social media sites are the most popular platforms that teens use every day.

From these stats, it is easy to conclude that kids and teens love having smartphones as well as spending time on social media sites. They share private photos, images, and even their locations. With this, they become vulnerable to hackers and predators. Parents have all the reasons to track and monitor their kids by using parental control tools.

The Best Android Tracker App

In order to do better parenting and tracking the employees, you will need a very good and reliable Android tracker app. So we have made it easy for you by choosing BlurSPY app. It is undoubtedly the most promising and reliable option for all users around the world. You will be surprised to find out the performance and features of this app. It offers all the necessary and advanced features needed to track any android device or phone remotely. The best thing is, you will stay private- you will never be detected by the target phone users.

Multiple Ways to Track the Android Phone Without Being Detected

Below are the ten options and ways to track any android phone without being detected.

  • Surround Recording

With this feature, the users can listen to the surround voices on any target phone. Whether it is parents or the employers, they will find it really easy to bug the mic as well as record the live calls to listen to them.

  • Live Screen Recording

BlurSPY brings the most advanced feature called screen recorder. With this feature, you can get access to any phone by capturing its screen live. You will have control over everything on the target phone.

  • Location Tracking

GPS location tracker is the next method that anyone can use to find out the locations of the target phones. This feature also gives you access to weekly location histories.

  • Call Recording

Recording calls are also used when it comes to tracking android devices. BlurSPY has a feature which lets the users record all incoming and outgoing calls without being detected. It is pretty easy.

  • Hacking Social Media

Parents may wish to hack the social media of their kids. So they can do it too with the help of BlurSPY app. It brings an awesome feature which helps you hack all social media apps in seconds.

  • Hacking Instant Messengers

If you want to check and read chats, messages and conversations on apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, TikTok, Instagram and the others- it is really easy. Install BlurSPY app and start reading the chats.

  • Checking Multimedia

With the help of BlurSPY app, parents and employers can also check the multimedia files like images, photos, audio and videos on the target phones.

  • Using Password Chaser

BlurSPY brings an amazing feature which allows the users to track the passwords and lock patterns on target phones. Many parents need this feature desperately because they want to track their kids. So it helps them in this regard.

  • Email Monitoring Option

You can also track and monitor the emails on target android phones. This option is very helpful for employers who are suspicious about the activities of their employees. So they can catch them red-handed now.

  •  Tracking Internet History

Lastly, BlurSPY empowers all the users to check and track browsing or internet history of the target android phones. With this feature, parents can find out what their kids have been doing and what kind of things they check online.