10 Personalised Birthday Gifts for Him

By | March 23, 2020

Personalization is the ideal way to make a special place in your man’s heart. It’s a surefire way to make it exclusive, something he’ll never forget. Since birthday’s come once in a year, so every effort and every minute should go into making the day extraordinary for the one you love. The best way to do it is to go personal all the way down to his favorite cartoon as a child. That’s because it is something that provides joy, gives value and shows how much you care for the man.

With the market inundated with various products that can ideally make an oh-such-a-pretty-gift, picking the best present becomes a little difficult. And since we all want the best for our man, going personalised and getting something crafted with utmost effort and care will win over his heart in a beautiful way. Here is a list of 10 personalised birthday gifts for him.

  1. Photo Stamps:

They serve as a great gift idea especially if your guy is someone who fancies collecting and preserving photo stamps. You can get your favorite photos printed on the stamps so that he’ll see it all the time he goes out to send a mail.

  • Customized Guitar Picks:

Get a handful of double-sided guitar picks. These can be customized to your wish as you can get a photo printed on one side while a small message on the other side. This serves as a thoughtful gift because it combines his love for music and this way it will motivate him to play more.

Wine Box:

Like they say the older a wine gets, the better it tastes. Soit is with a relationship that sticks strongly through thick and thin and just gets better with time. This wine box can be personalised as you go on to customize it with your initials on it to make it a memorable gift. You can tuck in different types of wine bottles in the box with particular dates etched on it to contain the excitement till his next birthday arrives.

  • A Map:

Here, you need to get creative and create a customized map that can be laser cut on a paper. This method allows you to get creative by keeping your home or your favorite hangout place featured as the centerpiece. You can place it next to his study table wrapped in a pretty cover and watch him unravel it with fun.

  • Personalised Chocolates:

A chocolate a day, keeps a heart happy and smiling. But it’s a different thing when you present a box of personalised chocolates to him on his birthday. You can go completely innovative with them by getting the chocolate cubes engraved with initials of his name to make it extra unique. For an enhanced presentation, simply order personalised chocolates for birthdaysonline and get them pre-packed in beautifully decorated boxes.

  • Monogrammed Accessory Case:

Every man loves some amount of accessory. Be it cufflinks or watches, fetching him a fancy monogrammed wooden accessory box will leave him in absolute delight. You could also engrave an image of the two of you to make it personal and a gift of affection.

  • Personalised Collage Frame:

Make this frame by collecting and collating all the photos in one frame. You can also doodle around the photographs by writing your favorite phrases and dates to turn the gift intoa memorabilia.

  • A Stump Ring:

A stump ring imitates a trunk of a tree and can be beautified with an initial carved on it in a classic style. You can eitherget it carved with both of your monograms with the plus sign between them and a heart around them.

  • Personalised Mugs:

Choose a couple of mugs and get images of his favorite superheroes or cartoons printed on them. Tailor it according to his personality and he’ll be sure using it every day.

  1. Wallets:

A classy wallet with a hint of personalization acts as a status symbol. Being one of the essential accessories, you can get it customized with his name engraved at the bottom. Breaking the confusion of what to get for your man for his birthday, these aforementioned gift ideas will sweep him off his feet. Besides, any gift that involves a little thought and care always wins over the heart of the recipient. So, break the ice and take the off route by crafting personalised birthday gifts for him to make his day a memorable one.