10 Important Medical Equipment Every Clinic Should Have

By | February 1, 2020

The investments in the medical industry by the Government of India are rising, and the growth in the FY 2018 is 1.4% from 1.2% in FY 2014. Indian Government is also planning to increase the investments in the medical sector to 2.5% of its GDP.

To contribute to this growth, the medical domain is also improving their equipment and infrastructure to enhance the patients experience and gain acceptance. Updating your medical equipment is crucial when planning to expand or gain preference. To help with the funds, several financial institutions and NBFCs offer doctor finance in the form of advances at an attractive interest rate.

Given below are some of the must-have medical equipment that you can incorporate in your medical clinic, such as:

  1. Defibrillators

Such equipment is used to deal with life-threatening emergencies such as tachycardia or cardiac arrhythmias. Defibrillators are an essential backup tool that is used to restore the normal rhythm of the heart.

To fund the purchase of this equipment, you can avail advances. While you do so do, make sure to check the medical equipment financing rates to keep the cost of your loans low.

  1. Monitoring system

Monitoring equipment is used to keep the essential parameters of a patient on check. Some of the common monitoring systems include a pulse oximeter, ECG machine, blood pressure checking machine, etc. In case you lack the required funds you can avail doctor finance to feed your professional purpose.

  1. Electrosurgical units

Electrosurgical units are used to coagulate, alter tissues, etc. to limit the amount of blood flow in an area at the time of performing a surgery. Such equipment helps to increase the required visibility during surgery.

Some of the reasons to upgrade your medical equipment and implement these instruments is to increase patient satisfaction, efficiency, faster treatment, etc.

  1. Examination tools

These are a type of tools such as percussion hammers, ophthalmological equipment, tuning fork, etc. required during the examination of patients The price of such equipment can be high for which you can avail professional advances from various financial institutions and NBFCs.

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  1. Fluid warmers

Fluid warmers and blankets are an essential tool to regulate the body temperature of a patient during surgery and keep him/her warm. Failing to maintain the required body temperature can lead to complications post-surgery.

Thus, it is necessary that you invest in such equipment. You can avail advances to serve your professional purpose. In case you do so, check the medical equipment financing rates to estimate the total cost of your loan.

  1. Surgical table

These are required to carry out surgical procedures and post-surgery care. There are three types of surgical tables for you to choose from depending on your requirement; these include:

  • Radiolucent imaging tables
  • General surgical tables
  • Orthopaedic tables
  1. Anaesthesia machine

These machines are designed to provide the patients the accurate amount of gases required to maintain the level of anaesthesia during surgery.

  1. Illumination and examination lights

These are lights that a physician uses to differentiate and visualise tissue colour while examining their patients. Such type of lights can be mounted on a table, wall, or can also can be moveable. 

  1. Sterilisers

Sterilisers are used to kill microbial entities like bacteria, spores, fungi, etc. that are present on medical items such as surgical tools. With the help of these sterilisers, you can make your medical equipment sterile to ensure healthy surgery.

  1. Stethoscopes

Last but not the least, these are a type of auscultatory devices used to hear heartbeats of a patient, chest movements, intestinal movements, etc. Stethoscopes are widely used in every medical industry and are essential equipment. There are other types of equipment that you can invest in such as hospital stretchers, patient monitors, waste disposers, etc. In case you avail doctor finance to fund your purchases, opt for leading lenders who offer the most repayment-friendly terms on their financial products.