Want to Gain More Attention to your Messages on Twitter?

It has been estimated that an average of 500 million tweets is sent each day; nearly 5800 tweets each second. That is certainly not an easy challenge. Are you also among those users struggling to get more attention on twitter? It does take a little effort and skill to establish a good network, but it is not all that difficult if you know what to do. Let’s look at exactly how to gain the attention of twitter followers.

Edit and personalize retweets

All twitter users will use the Tweet This! option but what will make you stand out among the followers? The answer is simple; personalizing the tweets. Add your own opinion, comment or a question to the tweet before you post. This will help intrigue the followers and give them a context, and thereby make it more likely that they will retweet, click-through or follow you back. Adding information is even more important when sharing your own post. Users would want to know exactly what to expect in the tweet.

Share the tweet multiple times

Since tweets have a short shelf-life, to stand out and maintain momentum, what you need to do is share your tweet multiple times. However, it would be wise to keep in mind not to post with the same heading again and again. Doing that might make you look like a spammer. Give different heading each time using the technique mentioned above.

Be yourself!

Many Twitter followers adopt an approach of posting like all others; maybe to appear professional. This is not really a good idea. If you really want interested followers to enjoy your tweets, don’t forget to be yourself.

Include trending topics in your tweets

Get exposure for your tweets by using popular hashtags (hashjacking or trendjacking). Twitter shows you the hottest topic on the left side of your profile. Try using them in your own posts. It also allows you to tailor the trending topics and thereby choose topics related to your location or the people you follow. This way you can make sure you post what your followers are sure to like and therefore, you can get greater attention to your tweets.

Add visual content

It has been found that the human brain processes visual detail 60 000 times quicker than it processes texts. Using visual content will, therefore, be a beneficial strategy. Many users, however, do not adopt this approach so, by doing so you can stand out.

Engage with people

The easiest strategy to get the spotlight on twitter is to talk to people. You do not necessarily have to wait for someone to approach you first. Start a conversation on the topic someone else is tweeting about and you can get noticed. Listen to the general talk among others and then spark of conversation with them. You will be sure to get noticed.

Another important tactic is sharing your twitter tweets on other social media networks. Just like Facebook optimized the post when a twitter link shared there are other networks too who optimize for different types of posts. Secondly sharing your viral tweet photos help other social media users to manually find you in twitter. Once they find you via your username, the twitter automatically starts ranking your tweets on top because it has gained manual reach and search.

Make your posts interesting and eye-catching and be yourself. Your struggle will bear fruit. Although it might take time to build an audience, remember to be patient and keep working toward your goal. It is definitely worth the continued struggle.